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Find Out How to Remain Calm & Stay Fabulous When Life Gets You Down!

20 Apr

Are you having to start over in life in any area? Relationship, job, finances, appearance, divorce? You need to listen to my podcast and find out how to overcome these obstacles and still remain calm, cool, collected, and successful… aka Fabulous!

Well here it is! My new podcast to help you! I’ve launched a new and improved version of my podcast! It’s called…

MadgePodLogo_CalmAndFab (1)

Remain Calm and Stay Fabulous with Madge

Found on SoundCloud or iTunes

I’ve had some great episodes on my new launch! Episodes and descriptions below. Don’t forget to follow/subscribe while there! Listen to them all…

A short introductory episode to introduce my newly remodeled podcast! You’ll love what I did with the kitchen! I explore how to face challenges while maintaining your dignity, sanity and of course your… fabulousness! And a great way to do that is by laughing.

Madge speaks with Intuitive Life Coach Amy White who uses a mix of intuitive readings, Tarot Cards, channeling dead people and life coaching to guide you back on the right path! That’s an odd combo but it really works! For more info on Amy White Life Coach and Intuitive click here.

Don’t be a crazy person! Learn how to breakup and take rejection gracefully. Being a nutjub won’t help you get anyone back or win friends and influence people. Set boundaries and gain control!

Have you had a job loss, just hate your job, never worked and need a job, or just want a new career path? Become an Entrepreneur with the advice of Business Mentor Angella Luyk. For more info on Angella click here.

Maybe the other person is giving you a load of bull, maybe it’s just not going your way… either way stop whining, set boundaries, and be prepared to let it go. People will show you their true colors. Do it now!


If you would like to support my podcast and get bonus content please visit me at Patreon, it would be greatly appreciated to keep us going!

You can find my podcast on SoundCloud.com at https://soundcloud.com/madgemadigan

or ITunes which is rebranding to Apple Podcasts  at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/remain-calm-and-stay-fabulous-with-madge/id1179114464?mt=2



The Only Country Club Member on Food Stamps

31 Jan

Hey! If you haven’t been following along at home, I have a podcast now! Yes, yes I do. And I just posted my 7th Episode entitled The Only Country Club Member on Food Stamps, the Story of Madge. Click below and have a listen! Funny, inspiring, a little sad, a little sex, and of course a lot of booze! Pretty entertaining stuff!


Ep 7 The Only Country Club Member on Food Stamps, the Story of Madge

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to follow me while you’re there! Oh and share with your friends! xoxo

New Blog Announcement and Pick My Filth Writing Pen Name!

13 Aug

What up skanks?!  I’ve got some interesting news!  I have been asked to write for a new website getting ready to launch – www.DivorcedMoms.com .  So I have started a new blog that will framed within the site but I am launching it separately first.  You can find it here http://singleparentmadge.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/so-whats-this-blog-all-about/ .  The new blog will be focused solely on single parenting and divorce, so if you are interested in those two subjects please follow me on that blog but please enjoy this one as well!  And stay tuned for DivorcedMoms.com to launch in the next month or two!

I will still be blogging here, just writing an additional blog over there.

So this new blog will be more professional, probably not like here where I say fuck a lot.  I’m going to try and use the experiences I’ve been through to help those who are newly divorced.  Hmmm, I think one of my words of wisdom will be “Don’t date until you have been divorced for a year”.   That doesn’t mean you can’t get laid… just don’t try and date or have a relationship, everybody is a mess the first year.

However, the one big thing I learned is that no one can tell you anything.  Meaning, even if they do give advice, you’re going to have to go through it and feel it, see it, hear it for yourself before it sinks in.  I’ll tell you not to date, but it might serve you just as well to go out and have a disastrous attempt at dating where you like him but he doesn’t like you and then you say some really needy things and he thinks you’re a crazy psycho.  Not like uh, that ever happened to me but you know… trial and error sometimes makes the best way to learn.

So, there’s that blog and this bog… I’ve often wanted to write another blog under a nom de plume,  where I can tell you all the adult stories I have that I don’t want my children to see.  Oh boy do I have a lot of those!  You know they involve bad words, borderline illegal activities and s-e-x.  So if I did, I’m not sure what name to use.  Hey, let’s have a little contest!  Suggest some names below and I will pick my favorite and use it as my name and you win a $10 gift card to Starbucks!  But of course if they all suck, I’m not picking any of them.  heh heh

Well, come on get started… and Jane Doe is not even an option.  Jane Do-me might be.  (ok not really that’s tacky)  Have at it!

Follow Your Dreams or Become a Dental Hygienist?

22 Jan

Who the hell am I?

What the hell am I doing?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.  Fine time to have to be rediscovering myself but it’s about time I took a thorough calm approach.   If only I had stopped flailing around for a moment to really think things through I might have been on a better track a while ago.

Or not.

I’ve been thrown so many curves, I still probably wouldn’t have gotten my shit straight then, either.

So, I’ve been trying lots of different things lately, as you can tell.  I’ve been writing more, video blogs, auditioning for stage productions, applying for hardcore social media or writing gigs.  No, not writing gigs in hardcore porn or hardcore punk… hardcore writing… nevermind.

Let’s back the truck up a second.  When I was a small hyperactive child with wild auburn hair, my Mother enrolled me in every free workshop or lesson given by parks and rec or whatever non-profit known to man.  (see, those programs do save children from a life of crime and drugs… not booze tho).  And when that didn’t work, she dumped me off at the beach or YMCA for  while.   I took sailing lessons, tennis lessons, ballet lessons, art workshops, theater workshops, book clubs, golf lessons, gymnastics, and swim team.  So, I’ve been all over the place in my interests since I was young.  Or I just have ADD.

But I loooooved me some theater.  I did a bunch of productions.  Had leading roles in some musical crap in high school.  And then when it came time to apply for college, I was all “I’m totally majoring in theater”.  And I remember a direct quote from my parents… “We’re not paying to send you to college to become a waitress”.  Ouch.  Thanks for crushing my dreams, pal.  But those were my parents – practical, realists, safe.  Always.

I was pissed.

However they did have a suggestion.  My Father’s brother had been in radio and TV his whole adult life until he passed away in the mid 70s.  At the time of his death he worked for ABC as… damnit now of course I can’t remember the correct title.  I believe it was VP of News and Special Events.  Anyway, he was a big head honcho.  I was told he was responsible for hiring Peter Jennings.  I also remember my parents watching the 1968 Democratic convention because my Uncle John was in charge of that.  His funeral was attended by many famous folks in news and politics.

So anyway, they suggested broadcasting because I was so into music and had a personality.  This was like 1981-1982 where you could still have a little input with music and some personality in radio.  So, that’s what I did.

I rode that train for a while but quickly realized after I got out of college that radio and TV was all corporate and not a whole lot of fun.  Oh and the pay?  Minimum wage.  So I went and got married, had kids and left the field eventually.

Many incarnations later, here I am.  I’m thinking there is something to that personality, writing, humor thing.  That’s what my idea was in the first place.  Monetizing it is another.  My family was never big on “go for your dreams”, they were always “become a dental hygienist, people always need those”.  (I love my many DH friends and am really quite jealous that you are always in demand)  And why couldn’t I be as smart as my lawyer, executive, engineer, teacher siblings?  God bless my Mother but if she had mentioned one more time in the past 15 years to “just get a job at the school, so you’ll be on the kids schedule”, I was going to shoot myself.  For one, those jobs aren’t as easy to get as you would think.  And two, could you picture me a lunch lady or teacher’s aide?  I’d get in trouble for talking more than a kid!

Funny thing is, I got hired for a P/T social media job recently because of… my blog.  Yes, they told me I basically had balls for putting myself out there and being able to brand myself, and figured I could do it for them.  Seeing the blog got them to call me for an interview and I sold myself in person and got the job.  Tada!  I gambled, it paid off a bit.  I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot… maybe more like a $5,000 scratch off ticket, but it’s a start and I am plenty grateful.   I’ve done social media for other people/companies in drips and drabs but this is a little more substantial and I’m excited.

I’ve been worrying the last couple years about my blog and real life clashing.  I was trying to figure a way to make it work or parlay into a career.  Hopefully this is a start.  My whole life I’ve struggled with what is the real me and making it fit in with the rest of the world and profitable.  Some people would say, “Oh screw society, just be you, go after your dreams!”.  Sorry, not practical while unexpectedly having to raise 3 kids on your own without that other parent in the picture.

So this is a start… and I can still finish up my book which is approaching landing.  I hope to have it out by March.  Fingers crossed.  I’m gonna’ stay true to my heart and think somewhat practically and see where I can go.  I sound like a freakin’ Dr. Seuss book don’t I .  Eh, he was a kook and look where it got him… rich.  There’s hope for me!


Clearing the Crappy Air…

4 Dec

Do you believe in bad luck, bad energy, bad juju or ya’ know just like a perpetual black cloud over you?  I think I do.  I’m pretty sure I haz it.  Hell, at this point I may even be possessed by demons of destitution, despair, famine and pestilence.  I like the word pestilence.  But no really, I think I need an exorcism.

I’ve had a string of bad juju since, well really if I look at it overall, I would say about from the age of 16.  I had actually pretty much a picture perfect life up until 16.  I lived in a small city that I loved, I was a very active child, involved in every sport I could possibly handle.  By high school I was an A student, a star swimmer, a cheerleader, had a boyfriend who was two years older, president of his class, football player, swimmer, A student.  I was thrilled to grow up with all the same traditions my siblings and even my Father experienced growing up in the same town.  Things were awesome.  I was happy.

Little Madge


Yes, that’s little Madge.  Can’t you tell by the hair?


Then we moved.  I moved to a town about 2 hours away.  My Dad got a new job, it was unavoidable on his part.  We moved to a new town where I tried to just continue as I had been, a swimmer, cheerleader, get along with everyone even the in-crowd.  But they weren’t havin’ it.  A lot of people were very mean.  “Who does she think she is, just coming in here trying to be all friendly?”  But I ignored it.  I went to a lot of parties and drank a lot.   I put on a front but I was really sad, I missed my old school.  Basically, I was depressed.  My grades totally went in the shitter.

MeanGirlsSoundtrackPretty much sums it up.



Yea, by senior year I was in the in-crowd but it felt manufactured.  I loved my friends that eventually truly welcomed me, but I still always felt like an outsider.  These weren’t the people I “grew up” with.  I felt like a fish out of water.  But I still drank and my grades weren’t great.  And yes, there were still some people that were really mean to me.



This was the miserable face I had most of the time 16 and on.


I’m pretty sure this triggered years of being prone to anxiety and depression thus precipitating my “bad juju” streak.  A lot of stuff happened after that including going to college first to a college that was depressing as hell to me, transferred to a college where I drank a whole lot and did poorly, moving to NC and calling off an engagement, moving back up to NY and marrying a controlling alcoholic, being cheated on while pregnant, divorce, a string of uber shitty jobs, poverty, raising 3 kids on my own, eviction, foodstamps, more shitty jobs… it just never ends.  Enough all-fucking-ready!  Pardon my language… but it’s pretty frustrating.



A rare picture of me smiling in 1992, putting on a front, I was married and at a wedding.  The night before this wedding was an absolute living hell, and if I didn’t pretend to be happy around his friends, I’d get more living hell when I got home.

(remember we all had that Pretty Woman polk-a-dot dress back then?)

The only saving grace I have are my amazing children, a manfriend that tries to be supportive in his own sarcastic way, and some good friends and family.  Well, I guess that’s a lot to be thankful for, but when you’re living in a van down by the river, having nice people around you doesn’t exactly cancel it out.  Not to be ungrateful but ya’ know what I’m saying.  Does the horrific-ness of being in a Turkish prison get cancelled out because you received flowers from a good friend or a visit from George Clooney?  Not exactly.

Madge and kids wedding photographer


Me and my babies at a wedding.  See I put on a good front, no one ever knows how poor I am, I still try to have dignity.  I should write a book…

Sensing a theme?  Putting on a front, it’s what I do.  Well, try to do.  Here on my blog, I complain.  Out in the real world, nobody wants a Mopey Molly.  I get it right most of the time.  However, a lot of times I have a horrible poker face.

So anyway, it’s time to get out from under this cloud.  Do any of you believe in that?  I’m starting to get rid of a bunch of stuff.  I’m moving because they keep raising my rent here and now that I’m down to only 2 that go to private school, it doesn’t matter where I live.  I can hop a few feet over the city line and live cheaper.  So I’ve been the Craigslist Queen, selling all kinds of crap left behind by my ex-husband and stuff we had bought while married.  It’s time.  All my stuff is a mish-mash of junk from over the years.  The only furniture I have that goes together or I bought new was my matching Ethan Allen couch and love seat that were gorgeous when we bought them… almost 15 years ago.  Since then it’s been spilled on, peed on, clawed and gnawed on by pets (and probably children as well).  Nothing else matches.  I’ve never even had a proper bed, just one of those metal frames with box spring and mattress.  It’s all second hand junk.  But at least it has been mine.  But it may be time to regroup.  You reap what you sow right?

Back up… I know you’re probably wondering, “If your life is so bad, why do you have kids at private school?”  Because they are very smart and got scholarships there.  I’ll do anything to get my kids the best experience if they earn it.  Education is of utmost importance in our family.

…I’m hoping this purging of stuff will clear the air.  I think I have a handle on the anxiety and depression that often caused me to make poor decisions or prevented me from taking action to cure things.  I think I have a handle on avoiding making knee jerk poor choices.  I think I have better judgement and patience now to avoid impulsively taking shitty jobs just because I need a job.  (Tip: if the company acts like they need a savior to come in and make them money, don’t take the job, they probably aren’t making payroll)  I think I have the tools now to kick ass and take names.



If I had more time, I’d Photoshop me in there.  Maybe later…

But I just think I need to clear the air, get rid of the old bad energy hanging around.  Does anyone believe in this?  I was once told if you want something, you need to make space for the universe to give it to you.  If you want money, clean out your wallet.  If you want a man/woman, clean out your bedroom (seriously that’s what they said).  If you want a new job or just a job, um I don’t remember or never figured that out apparently: I guess clean out your desk or computer or something.  Maybe that’s it, or maybe it’s just looking at things everyday that subconsciously bring you back to a bad place?  I see my couches everyday that remind me of being shackled… shackled to a life lived in anxiety and fear of a certain someone.  Maybe it’s as simple as that.  Maybe it’s the calling from a higher power to clean our auras?  Maybe it’s the psychology of associative thought?  Or it’s hormonal… who knows?

Dear readers I ask you… do you think it’s the whole bad energy thing or as simple as psychological triggers that keep us stuck in a certain state?  Do you believe in purging things to get rid of bad juju?  Have you ever purged and had it make a difference?  Examples please…


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