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Opinions are Like Bananas, They Go Bad After a While

9 Jul

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You know that old saying, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”?  My new version is “Opinions are like bananas, they go bad after a while”

bananas in pjs


(BTdubs, I really hated this show when my kids were little)

I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately.  As I have to make some decisions about my career, finances, living situation, kid’s college futures, etc… everyone has something different to say.  And most often it’s the complete opposite of what the last person said.

Oh don’t get me wrong, advice is good.  Bouncing things off people is good.  We all need to weigh things out.  But as you’re weighing and it starts to feel like one of those people from a TLC documentary like “The 900 lb Man” sitting on your chest… wait maybe the 900 lb man riding Mothra… well then it’s time to stop bouncing things off others.

One of the most intelligent things my ex-husband ever said as I was obsessed with the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” books when I was pregnant was, “Throw the damn book away”.  Yea, he was right.  I was more worked up than a bag of cats tossed down a hill.

When you begin to doubt your own compass is when you need to take a step back.  For instance, I have my second child starting to look at colleges.  Now my son is going to one of the most expensive colleges in the Universe, NYU.  I’m trying to be realistic with my daughter.  He got scholarships but will still have a few big loans and the travel expense back and forth adds up.  My daughter can certainly apply to her dream schools but we need to weigh things out before accepting.  If I can’t afford to bring you home for Thanksgiving, we have a problem.   I have some people insisting I send my next two children to state schools or community college for two years then 4 year state school.  Uhhhh… no.  Nothing against them but state schools really aren’t any cheaper in my circumstance because they don’t give as much aid as private schools do.   I just know my kids, comunity college isn’t for them.   I started out at one school and was fucking miserable, then I transferred.  Some kids, it doesn’t really matter, others it does.

Jesus Christ stop telling me what to do!!!!   Aaaaarrgghhhh!!!!  I’ve raised these kids for 19 years pretty much on my own and gotten this far, do you think I’m freakin’ stupid?  The thing is, I’m a risk taker.  I’m not like the people who say “What if?”  “What if?”  ‘What if?”   I’m a “Let’s try it and if we need to change our course, we will”  kind of gal.  Maybe that wasn’t always the best thing, but at least I didn’t do it with anything crazy like, “Let’s try heroin and just see what happens”  or “Let’s just try unprotected sex with this guy who injects meth and see what happens”. (I don’t know, is injecting meth even a thing?)

If you are obsessed with making a move only if you can predict the outcome, then you can become paralyzed.  Conversely if you leap without thinking, you can find yourself in a heapload of shit.  I say weigh thing out, then take an educated leap of faith.  And there’s a lot to be said for gut instinct.  (Unless of course you’re a rapist or murderer)   I ain’t afraid.  But once I’ve made up my mind… leave me the fuck alone.  The outcome will eventually be apparent to me, I don’t need your predictive “Mark my words…”  bullshit, because shit ain’t happened yet!


Just Jill Went Up the Hill… and Hid in the Closet

14 May

Ok, here’s resuming my Kickstarter rewards.  See the thing was, if you contributed a certain amount to my Kickstarter project, your reward was to have a blog written about you.  I have a lot of you to do… you narcissistic fucks!  Just kidding!  You were helpin’ out The Madge and I appreciate it!

So today I need to talk about my little Jilly Jill.  Jill Sweeney-Bosa.  She was a nice Irish girl, Jill Sweeney when I knew her college.  Then she goes and marries some Italian dude or something.  I met Jill my sophomore year, she lived in my dorm.  And then senior year we were apartment mates.

I can honestly say, I don’t think I have ever laughed more with someone in my entire life.  Sorry.  I have a shitload of funny friends but Jill takes the cake.  Like I wouldn’t tell her to go on stand up tour it’s just… our sense of humor is so in-sync it’s ridiculous.  Always with the pop culture references.  The other was our habit of constantly changing the words to songs and singing them like we didn’t really know what they were.  You know, like you’d catch your Mother singing the wrong words to a popular song, because she really thought that’s what it was?

Some of my favorites “Don’t yank my schlong” instead of “Don’t get me wrong” by the Pretenders.  “It’s really humid” instead of  “I’m only human” by Human League.  (which also included the words “born to lick your face” instead of “born to make mistakes”)  Good times.  Good times.

Also in the high tech age of 1986 we convened nightly in the living room to catch the MTV countdown on our state of the art black and white TV.  Back then, that’s the only way you could see videos, and yes MTV still played them.   We waited anxiously to sing to “Fight for your right to party” by Beastie Boys and to do the hammer dance to Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”.  We were dorks.

Jill was so freakin’ funny when she told a story.  Still is.  One of my favorites is her telling a story of how she tried to escape this fraternity boy who we all knew and became an infamous womanizer. (but God he was my secret ultimate man if he wasn’t such a playboy, re: douche).  So little tiny Jilly from New Hampshire is getting hit on by uber preppy fraternity boy from Newport, Rhode Island. I don’t remember the specifics, but she ends up running out of the fraternity house party and across the street to our dorm.  He follows.  She ends up running upstairs to her room and hides in the closet.  He follows, looks around for her then leaves.  Like I said, don’t remember the specifics but to hear her talk about cowering in the closet is hillarious.  Ok, you had to be there.

One of my most memorable things is, and I don’t think I’ve ever told her this, the night she saved me.  Saved me from drowning in self-pity.  See Jill and her bestie and another roommate of ours Amy came to my wedding.  They were the only old college friends of mine that came, I don’t think I really invited many.  That’s  a long story for another time.  Anyway, ex had comandeered the guest list to be 90% his, 10% mine.  Hey, I was only 26, I didn’t know better.  My ex gets completely hammered with all of his college buddies at the wedding and completely ignores me.  But he is dancing with all of his old “girl buddies” at the wedding.

I was pissed.  I was sad… hurt, disappointed, you name it.  But I sat with my girlies and they said “screw it, he’s just drunk, don’t let that ruin your day”  So we went out on the dance floor.  I had a lot of fun.  I remembered Jill’s message for years, every time he started to spiral I thought, I (and the kids) are not gonna’ get dragged down with him.  I still tried to carry on and work hard and make the best life possible.  During marriage and after marriage.  It’s been hard but I always picture Jill and Amy saying “Oh no you don’t, Madge!  Knock off the pity party!”

Jill, I love you for always reminding me that I have value.  You always remind me that I’m funny, smart, and strong.  You my dear, are a whole lot of funny, smart, and strong and I love you for it.  And I want more Sophie stories!

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Madge’s Got Back… Cover

2 May


Big Announcement!

God willing… and if the planets are aligned, my book will be available for sale Monday May 6th! Stay tuned for links to buy (Amazon, Kindle, etc.) You want to know what it’s about? Here’s the back cover… click on pic to enlarge if you can’t read or ya’ know if ya’ got a lazy eye or somethin’. Come ‘n get it, y’all!


Back Cover



Ok, onward and upward!  On to another installment of Kickstarter Backers Rewards!  Next we have my tribute to Mr. Dana Snyder!

Dana, Dana, Dana.  Dana is another college friend.  I met Dana my sophomore year, he was I believe co-general manager of the college radio station I worked at (and we were both broadcasting majors)  and he happened to be an RA up on the third floor of my dorm where I hung out a lot.

Dana was the wicked cool RA.  (That’s what we said in Maine)  Dana was into all the cool new wave music I was into, he was also into competitive cycling, and he had a dead pan delivery that could have you in tears.  I can’t even explain it, Dana has this very innocent face, ok yes he was really cute in college, I think he used to look kind of like Sting back in the day… anyway, he would say these very, um like kind of… does anyone remember Emily Litella, the character from SNL played by Gilda Radner?  She was always confusing words, like “What’s all this I hear about violins on TV?  I think violins are lovely?”   He would say stuff like that in a total dead pan delivery.  I think people that didn’t know him probably thought he was mildly retarded.

And yes, I think every other girl in the dorm had a crush on him.  I will not confirm or deny that I had a mild crush at one time. *ahem*   But hey he was irresistable… cute and funny.  Ok and a bit of a nerd.  It was weird, I was friends with all of these guys on the third floor.  It was the 80s, they were preppy/pothead/ski bum/fraternity bro/girl scamming/music lovin’ guys, but… they all wanted to go down to dinner at a specific time so they could race back up to the TV lounge to watch re-runs of Star Trek.  *crickets*

Yea, it was the mid 80s, re-runs of the original Star Trek – William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, et al.  Seriously, run and leave you behind in a hurry.  To watch Star Trek.  Bunch of dorks.  Cheers would erupt if it was a favorite episode.  And Dana was one of them.  I guess that’s why I loved all those guys, they were very diverse in their interests.  Yea, that’s it.

I also remember Dana had a cool button collection on his jacket.  We new wave dorks had collections of buttons on our jackets in the 80s.   It was usually names of bands, or the occasional slogan “Why be normal?”.  Anyway, I still have one of the buttons I traded him for, it was an Insect Surfers button.  I have no idea what I traded.

Oh another item I have from him and I’m sure he’ll be surprised.  Two of the guys that lived on his floor were Gus and Nick.  They were roommates and 2 of my best friends.  They were both a bit hyper and had their own language.  So one night in my junior year Dana and a few others were over at my apartment and we decided to make a “Nictionary”, named after Nick of course.  There were things like… everything ended in “age” as in “I’m going to get some drinkage and eatage”.  Also, “I was totally luggage” or “She was totally Samsonite” which meant someone was passed out from drinking.  Girl’s breasts were torpedoes or ICMB’s.  Yea, they were equal opportunity offenders.

But Dana thought it was funny and we created a dictionary and I still have it.  And now he’s grown up, married to the fabulous Alice whom he had been dating since college much to the dismay of many a campus co-ed.  And he has two wonderful chidren, one a college student, the other a recent college grad.  He was in NY on business a few years ago and we went out to dinner.  He hasn’t changed a bit… except for he’s even skinnier than college.  Who does that?!  Anyway, incredibly grateful for Dana and his support and friendship… and all the laughs.

Madge’s Foreign Exchange Blogger Program

30 Apr

Can you believe it?!  I have the proof of my book!  Had to resubmit for a couple changes I wanted to make and it should be ready for sale on Amazon.com in maybe a week!  Yay!  I will keep you all abreast (‘cuz you know I like to show my cleavage) of the situation.

All right, next on the agenda.  I would like to start my own “Madge’s Foreign Exchange Blogger Program”.   Ok “foreign” is relative, you could be from across the street.  But I’d like to have a guest blogger once a week or so.  And as well, ya’ know you could give me a little somethin’ somethin’ and have me as a guest blogger.

So, if you could kindly write a couple 2-3 sentences in the comments below on why I should pick you to be my first guest blogger, I shall pick the most intriguing entry and let you know in the next day or two.  Must act quickly, time limited offer!  Batteries not included.

Ok, next on the agenda it’s another tribute to a Kickstarter backer!  This time we have one Miss Beth Brockett.

Lord I love this girl.  Beth is one of my sorority sisters from Phi Mu at the University of Maine.  In fact Beth is one of the reasons I pledged Phi Mu.  I remember meeting Beth through my friend Janine who I worked at summer camp with.  Janine lived in an apartment with, Jesus Christ I don’t remember like 4,5,6 other girls. lol  Their apartment was like a clown car.  Sometimes I don’t even know who lived there.  They were all seniors and I was a sophomore.

Seriously I’m trying to remember who actually lived there.  Beth who was from Massachusetts (but not your typical Masshole), Janine was from, oh crap now I don’t remember either Mass. or Rhode Island, Laurie from oy either Mass. or CT., and then I remember also Laurie’s illegal immigrant boyfriend from Ireland.  His visa had expired or some such horrible criminal act.  Um, I think maybe Ginny from Maine or Kim from Maine?  I can’t believe the memory is fading, that was 29 years ago now.

Anyway… Beth.  Beth was your quintessential preppy party girl.  An L.L. Bean Norwegian sweater, turtle neck, duck shoes and a beer in hand.  Beth was wicked cool.  Finally I found people like me, preppy by day but digging cool new wave music by night.  I rather enjoyed going over and listening to them crank Band Aid’s “Do They Know it’s Christmas” and screaming along.  But then we could also get down and get funky to Morris Day and the Time’s “Jungle Love” or some Tom Tom Club.

Beth was friends with everyone.  I really admired her.  Just a happy gal.  Guys from the ultra cool fraternity invited her out for drinks and guys from the nerd fraternity invited her for drinks (I don’t think she went though heh).  I wanted to be just like Beth but I somehow couldn’t figure out how to party like a rockstar sorority girl and get good grades like her.

After school we lost touch a little bit but now she is one of my absolute favorites to trade one liners with on Facebook.  I always enjoy her posts of her travels, outings with friends, and her fabulous doggie.  I want to thank Beth a ton for her friendship, sisterhood and support.  LIOB girl!  (secret sorority stuff heh heh)

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and all that happy horseshit so that I get more contestants for the “Madge’s Foreign Exchange Blogger Program” !   Save “Radio Free Madge”… ok anyone who gets that reference is a winner… or a really nerd.

Untold Freak Hipster Shenanigans of Madge…

26 Mar

I have a new little guilty pleasure.  Every Monday night I sit down and watch “The Carrie Diaries” with my two teenage daughters.  You know it’s that sort of pre-Sex and the City “Carrie Bradshaw – The Wonder Years” kind of thing.  Her in her teens in 1984.  The girls like it because it involves teenagers and it shows them what life was like for Mom when she was in high school and college.

For me… it reminds me that I’ve actually lead a pretty interesting life.  For instance, in the show Carrie somehow finagles an internship at Interview magazine.  Interview magazine was founded in 1969 by Andy Warhol.  Very artsy, very hip.  Now Interview magazine was my bible when I was in college 1983-1987.  I had a subscription and used to save all the issues under my bed.  I had stacks of them.  I must have thrown them out when moving out of college.  😦  The same thing with the Village Voice, the iconic New York City newspaper.  Had stacks under my bed.  No idea where they went.  Even though I was in college in Maine, I was a New York City hipster at heart.


I would have given my left nut (wait, what?) to live Carrie’s life back then.  Sans, the fabulousness because I was a punk/new wave hipster back in the day.  The days before hipster became douchie.  However today I could do the fabulous, I already do.  Hey girl hey!  Yes, Carrie is a fictional character but that’s the life I dreamed of back then.  I won’t lie, I still dream about it.  If I hit it big right now, I’d move to NY in a heartbeat.  Live in the Village but try to avoid my son at NYU so I wouldn’t cramp his style.  It would be a little creepy for Mom to crash his fraternity kegger.

So yea, once upon a time I was cutting edge.  I was a radio DJ.  The name of my show was “Soaking in it with Madge”.  The ole Madge the Manicurist Palmolive reference, get it?  Ok, back then it was relevant.  I went to gay clubs before it was cool because they had the best music.  Dude, seriously nowhere else could you dance to “Kiss Me” by Tin Tin?  They didn’t even play that on the radio!

Speaking of gay clubs… did I ever tell you about the first (and only) time I was introduced to a hardcore gay club?

So, I worked at a summer camp near Pittsfield, MA in the Berkshires during college.  Which in itself is a whole other slew of stories.  It was a camp for young Jewish girls from the NYC area (and FL), none of us counselors were Jewish.  The girls were all wealthy self-proclaimed JAPs (Jewish American Princesses).  Again, for another time…

So on one of our nights off one of our friends took a few days off and we needed to go pick her up at the train station in Springfield at like 11pm.  Turns out her train was late and we needed to kill some time.  So there were about I think 6 of us girls and one obviously gay guy (Larry the theater counselor).  We girls all had funky asymmetrical haircuts and wore boxer shorts for shorts and had boxer shoes with scrunchy socks.  I’m sure we looked like freaks.

We were walking down the street looking for a place to sit and have a drink.  So we ask this very friendly black guy with a giant afro with a fro pick sticking out the back what was open for a drink.  He says “Oh oh yea, I know what you guys are looking for”.  So we follow him to this restaurant, and we figure oh great perfect.  No, he says follow me.  We go down a back hallway, turn a corner, go down a flight of stairs, down another hall, 2 more flights of stairs, hallway… and enter a dank basement.  I’m thinking we’re going to die, but we turn a corner and what’s there?  A bar with a tranny bartender, a makeshift dance floor with bare lightbulbs hanging down, bare chested men in biker and S&M gear with thick mustaches grinding on each other.  It sounds cliche’ but I thought I was in a Village People video.  We were actually kind of in heaven because it was a buffet of people watching.

Then somebody grabs us and says, “Oh no we think you want to be back here”.  We follow them down another hallway, passed a guy pressing another guy dressed as a woman up against the wall and fondling his/her junk (it wasn’t such a good tuck and tape job).  We get to this back room and it’s all women.  Yup, very butchy, shaved head, Members Only jacket wearing women.  Uhhhh, I guess we’ve been brought to the lesbian room.  Funny, we alterna-girls did look a bit like the crowd in that room but none of us were lesbians.  There was lots of masculine-type posturing and leering.  No offense ladies, but the other room was a bit more entertaining.

Finally we decide we need to go pick up our friend.  Our one friend Jill from Texas who was quite goofy and loud was like “No y’all I’m havin’ fun!”  She kept asking people to dance, I thought we were going to get our asses kicked.  Not sure if she thought it was a novelty or was kind of mocking the lesbians in asking them to dance, but either way you just don’t want to mess with that.  We drag her out.  A tranny starts to follow us, I think he/she wanted to hang.  He/she was strung out on something, we didn’t want to be saddled with that so we ran.

And ran all the way to the train station.  Laughing our asses off.  It was only 1984, that story probably doesn’t sound like much by today’s standards but it was a complete freak show that people didn’t know existed by 1984 standards.

When I think about it… my life still consists of some pretty strange/fun events like that.  I was hesitant to tell about them, having kids and all.  But then my friends started asking me “How come you never mention us in your blog?”.  Hmmmm, maybe because you all belong to a country club, own companies or are CEOs, have children and don’t really think it’s right to talk about the time we all went swimming in our underwear at a party, or parked the car in the bushes, or drunkenly tried to crawl on top of a golf cart and hit a shot from there, or during a golf outing stole a cart and took off down East Ave. to visit a friend across the street, or broke several glasses at the club trying to do the “pull the tablecloth out from under the dishes” trick.  (that was a huge run-on sentence, but for effect)  But ok, I’ll mention all that stuff if you want?  Next time… 🙂

However it does beg the question… if I write for entertainment and have some great juicy stories, at what point can I/should I tell them without worrying about my kids?  16?  18?  21?  You tell me…

Mo’ College, Mo’ Money

8 Feb

Simple question today…

If you are a parent, who should pay for college?

As you all know I have a son who is a Freshman at NYU.  Luckily he is wicked smart and got lots of scholarships.  The leftover is paid with loans.  Loans that he will pay after he gets out of school and probably until the end of time… and passed onto his heirs to pay.  Unless he becomes that international business dude he aims to be and can actually pay them off some day.

Jack college

Move in day at NYU for my son


Anyway, he also does work study.  He has a totally sweet gig that I wish I had had in college, not only because it’s better than schleppin’ slop in the dining hall but it’s great for a resume.  As you all know most resumes of kids right out of college boast things like “cashier at Urban Outfitters”, or “server at Chili’s”, or if they’re really lucky “bartender at Don’s Mixed Drinks” (a real place in Denver, btw).  His job?  Operations assistant at NYU MBA admissions office.  Ya’ know he files and sorts applications and does spreadsheets, nothing glamorous, but what an “in”, I tell ya’.  So that’s his spending money.

But I feel guilty as hell.  I’ve been broke ass broke for several years now.  Ex-husband left the picture, stopped paying for a few years (now coming back in drips and drabs but nothing to write home about).  So I have that whole Catholic guilt about making up to the kids for me being broke and their Father abandoning them.  I know, I know shut up it’s what we Irish Catholics do.  It’s like our favorite past-time.  I want to give them everything.  But I think the best lesson my kids learned out of all of this is that they can’t always have everything in life, life just isn’t fair sometimes.

I digress.  I struggle with who pays what.  Does he pay for books? Should I pay for books?  Do I give him a monthly allowance?  Do I help pay for spring break?  Do I pay the fraternity dues or does he?  Do I pay part of the loans back or does he?  I paid the deposit for enrollment and deposit for housing (which were hefty) so is that my fair share?  Ugh.

So for advice, just before school started I get on the Facebook page for parents of incoming students in the NYU class of 2016. (seems surreal doesn’t it?  I was college class of 1987, I couldn’t fathom 2016 then, I thought we’d be wearing Star Trek uniforms by now)  And a Mother starts a little forum about “How much are you giving your child for an allowance at school?”.  Not even if, but just how much.  I thought ok this will help.  Until I saw the answers.  “I’m thinking $100 a week, but is that too little?  Maybe $150?  You know so she can go to a movie, get some frozen yogurt, mani/pedis, maybe a cute outfit for a function?”.  Since when are these “necessities”? Then they all go back and forth debating whether it’s too little.  Meanwhile my lofty goal was $100 a month.  Hey, it’s college you get all your meals there and what’s a keg party these days, $5 a pop?  What does a boy need?

Actually he was fine with that.  He’s such a good kid.

When I was in college I literally had no budget.  No, not because I could spending anything I wanted… I wasn’t supposed to spend anything.  Now, God rest my Father’s soul who just died in October, loved him immensely.  But he was notoriously cheap.  He was a child of the Depression, that’s how they were brought up.  So, his great idea was you don’t need anything but if you do, write a check and then I’ll deposit the money.  I was in college in Maine, they were in NY, back in the early 80s it took like a week for  an out of state check to go through, you could do that.  But with a drunk college kid who orders pizza at 2am who writes a check for $3, you often forget to tell Dad.  And you don’t think I was embarrassed writing a check for $3?  Oy.  And I would have to go to the bookstore to cash a check for $5 if I wanted to go to a couple parties that weekend.  If I wrote a check for more than $5 I’d get a lecture.  And remember there wasn’t a vast network of ATMs then.

The best months I ever had were when I sold back my books at the end of a semester and had that small set amount I knew I could spend.  Yea, I think learning to budget was a much better lesson.  I choose to teach my kids to budget.  But who makes the budget?  Do I give an allowance or make them save from a job?

I knew people who… if they wanted to go to college back in the day, they had to pay for it.  Everything.  If you didn’t get the money, the parents said, “tough crap”.  Now most of the time these were blue collar parents with no college education.  They didn’t see an immediate need for college I guess.  Or they really didn’t have the money, I don’t know.  If my ex-husband hadn’t have gotten a hockey scholarship to college he probably wasn’t going to go.  And he wasn’t stupid, he was an A student at the same private all boys Catholic school my son went to (both of them on scholarship).  But it was all his money if he wanted to go.  I knew kids who couldn’t come back a certain semester because they didn’t have the money and the parents said “tough crap”.

I know it depends on the financial situation but which is better? Mom and Dad to foot the bill because he’ll have plenty of bills later, or he’ll better value his education if he pays for it all?

Do I make him use all his work study to pay for all incidentals or should I still pay for books?  I mean yea, if he wants falafel from the street cart, use your own money but what about the bigger stuff?  Thoughts?

Which is Better, ’80s College Drunks or ’10s College Drunks?

12 Sep

*Another one of my greatest hits being transferred over from old site* 

One of my pet peeves in blogging or Facebooking or any other sort of internet posting is the person who gets stuck on one subject and beats us over the head with it.  I call it the “Kathie Lee Gifford Effect”.  I don’t know if any of you remember about 20 years ago when that Kelly show was called “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee”?  Well during that time Kathie Lee had a baby boy named Cody and the broad wouldn’t shut up about him.  Regis even started giving her sh*t about it, like making gun to his head gestures every time she mentioned his name.

Anyway, I feel as though I may be on the verge of one of those people talking about my son and his graduation from high school and venture toward college.  I’m trying not to, really I am.  But ya’ know, its kind of been the center of my life for the last couple months.  He’s my oldest, I assure you by the time the 3rd one graduates I won’t even mention it.  No just kidding, but if I take after my Mom it may be true… I was the 6th kid, there are virtually no pictures of me as a child.  lol

Well, since about this past Christmas I’ve been buying my son odds and ends for his new life at college.  For one thing, I’m broke-ass-broke, so buying things a little at a time is what I can afford.  And another thing, he loved getting all that stuff, he was ready to leave for college his junior year.  So he enjoyed getting a shower caddy and a set of towels for Christmas.  Then for his birthday in March he got a comforter and a hamper.  Hey screw you, he loved it!

Buying all those things got me to thinkin’… wow  college is different now.  I was using my college experience to figure out how I’m going to get all his stuff down to NYC, but I really don’t think there will be that much.

Ok, think of this, when I was in college 1983-1987 I packed the following items into my parent’s station wagon – a gigantic stereo with turn table, receiver, and tape deck with floor speakers that measured about 3 feet high; a 27″ black & white TV (which was considered small back then); a boombox; a Typewriter; a couple milk crates of albums; a couple cases of cassette tapes.  But now all of that fits into one device, your laptop!  OK, somebody may still want to bring a TV and cds or dvds, but they are still far more compact.


(actually I didn’t bring the TV until later years, before that I would go to a friends room, because the TV lounge on the first floor was for the socially awkward and it was always tuned to “Solid Gold”)

Then we used to bring a hotpot, really only good for Ramen noodles or a can of Spaghettios.  Which you usually had to throw away after a few uses because you started to make Spaghettios after your drunk ass came home from a fraternity party but you fell asleep while it was cooking  and the Spaghettios burnt to a crisp melded onto the pot .  Remember, drinking age was 18 back then!  And most chicks brought a hot air popcorn popper.  Now kids can take a small microwave.  I think that’s pretty much a wash, 2 smaller for 1 bigger.

Hot Pot

I took a bike to school one year, it was still chained in the exact same spot that I put it in on move-in day, at the end of the year.  It would be a pain for my son to have a bike in NY, it’s hazardous to bike there and then carrying it up 7 flights of stairs would cancel out any time saving, in my book.

Posters.  I had an extensive collection – The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs, The Clash, David Bowie, etc.  That was my baby, my pride and joy.  But I think dbag ex-husband left them behind as garbage in one of our moves.  Grrrr.  Anyway, do kids still put up the posters?   Oh yea and then my room started filling up with sorority souveniers anyway.


So what do college kids do now?  Sit around and play video games?  Watch YouTube videos?  Text people in the same room?  Hey, speaking of that, remember when we had to wait for a boy to call on that one hall phone that was meant for 20 people, but that one girl was always on it to her boyfriend back home?  Like seriously she was on it 24/7, I wonder what that phone bill looked like.  Anyway, do kids even speak to each other anymore or just text?

It’s kind of fun taking a walk down memory lane as I get the boy ready for college.  Things have changed, but a lot has not.  There will still be learning and studying, drinking, boy chasing, girl chasing, hearts breaking, friendships made for a lifetime.  I’m so excited for him.

What do you remember taking to college or doing in college that would never be done nowadays?  Do you think kids today have more or less fun then we did back in the day?

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