Does NY Rep. Michael Grimm Have Masculine Identity Issues?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about it… the above clip is of Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican Congressman representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn who is currently under investigation for illegal fund raising being interviewed by NY1 reporter Michael Scotto.  Grimm is being interviewed to get his response to the President’s State of the Union address, but the reporter decides to throw in a last minute question about the investigation.  And hilarity ensues.  You see what happens, Grimm walks off then comes back to threaten bodily harm to Scotto.

Well we see Grimm’s true colors, and they are a lovely hue of douche.  In trying to avoid shame, he fully created it.

This proves my theory that if you leave people to their own devices, their true colors will show.  What’s that old saying?  “Give ’em enough rope… to hang themselves”  People eventually rat themselves out.

That’s why I love Judge Judy and the People’s Court.  Judge Judy and Judge Milian, tend to ask people very short questions and let them trip themselves all up.  Also if one person claims another has a temper or is a liar, the judges ask just the right questions for the lies and temper to come out… and voila’, you’ve just proven the case.

My theory is if you are trying to get the truth out of someone… just let them talk.  Don’t accuse and yell, they’ll just throw it back on you and somehow make themselves the victim, or it will give them enough time to come up with some good bullshit.  Throw in a logistical question that might cause backtracking and then just listen.  It’s entertaining to see the fireworks when people get backed into a corner.

Rep. Grimm got backed into a corner and his response was flight and fight.  First he flew (walked away) then he came back ready to start fightin’.  A person with integrity, would calmly say “I’m not talking about it, thank you” or come back to apologize for walking off in a huff.  But this douchetractor comes back threatening bodily harm.  Not just any bodily harm, but mafioso-type thuggery.

And the whole “You’re not man enough” stuff, what’s that all about?  Somebody has masculine pride issues, perhaps it’ll come out he has sexuality or gender issues too?  No, no that’s not nice of me to say.  But I do find it odd, the whole “man enough” thing.  What the hell does that have to do with anything?  Well being ex-military, maybe all insults lead to a dig at your manly abilities?  Do I detect a bit of self-loathing that he has failed as a “man”?  Maybe some girl once told him he had a small schmeckel or his Dad said he wasn’t much of a man?  Who the hell knows?  Just an odd thing to say, and a little telling.

Grimm offered two “apologies”.  The first that night gave all kinds of excuses saying Scotto was the antagonist.  Then the next day he says “Maybe I shouldn’t have done that”.  Oy.

My final point from this is… you are always, ALWAYS responsible for your actions.  People tend to think “I snapped” is an excuse.  It’s not, you still have a choice in that moment to control yourself.  People say “I lost control”… no you didn’t, you took control.  You felt you were at a disadvantage in a situation so you are taking “control” of the situation by manhandling it or verbally attacking it.  Get it?  A sane person would say to themselves, “You know what, this isn’t going the way I want, I’m just going to step back”.  Don’t give me that “I lost my temper”, “It was the heat of the moment” crap, that’s never ever an excuse.  You always have control and you are always responsible.  Period.

8 thoughts on “Does NY Rep. Michael Grimm Have Masculine Identity Issues?”

  1. Glynis Jolly

    ‘just let them talk’ — Most of the time I can let this happen, no problem. But there are those times when I speak too soon giving them a way out. I have to stop doing that.

  2. Valentine Logar

    I watched that originally and though, ‘wtf’. Then I thought, how do these people come out of nowhere and get elected. Then I though, what is with the people who elect them?

    Typical, liars, cheaters and bullies. They are everywhere in politics right now. More so than at anytime in the past 75 years. We are heading for a serious fall.

    • Madge Madigan Post Author

      Ya’ know what, I don’t know if it is more now than ever. Maybe we just have too much technology not to be caught. I’ve read things about politicians in the 1800’s that were liars and murderers, I think it’s the nature of the beast.

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