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One Nation in Hypocrisy and Judgement We Stand!

6 Oct


This presidential election is about to get on my last damn nerve…

It seems one thing it is rife with is hypocrisy and judgement. Oh and hate. And bullshit.

People throw around character assassinations like it’s candy and they’re on a float in a parade. Or like an Italian grandma with wedding cookies and she has visitors. Or like a new recruit in an MLM that just got business cards.  But I digress…

And every claim of a flaw of a candidate is met with “Yea, well what about your guy did this…?” I don’t even let my children do that, not even when they were small. It’s the “But Johnny did it too” or “But Johnny did something worse” defense. My answer has always been “I don’t care what Johnny did, we’re talking about you. We’re addressing what you did.”

But getting people to stick to one subject is damn near impossible. So why bother, right? I mean let’s leave the personal stuff out of it anyway, right? Also, that’s just being judgemental and hypocritical, right? I mean, let he who is without sin cast the first stone… or whatever the saying is.

What if we did go back to the days of leaving personal stuff out? In reading about elections from the past couple centuries and the few I have witnessed in the past few decades of my lifetime, I don’t seem to recall much personal stuff being bandied about until maybe Nixon or Carter… 1972 or 1976 elections. It was still rather mild and not plastered all over, but then again we didn’t have the internet and 24 hour news stations with time to fill. You heard a little bit about Nixon being a crook (which ultimately became true) and that Jimmy Carter had a drunk, obnoxious brother (which ultimately had no bearing whatsoever).

But before that there were plenty of dudes elected to the office of President of the United States that had secrets come out that in this day and age would be scrutinized 24/7 non-stop. But some of those “shortcomings” turned out to have no effect on the ability to do a good job.  Hmmmm…

Yes, there are some people who I think are terrible people but do their job well. Which totally goes against my nature. I’m all for good people, all around. I believe in God and karma and all that stuff where I couldn’t possibly be good at my job then be a shithead in my personal life. However, I’ve never been at such a high level of power and money that my judgement could be impaired, either. Here are some presidents who probably would have been taken down had there been the interwebz…

  • FDR pulled us out of the Great Depression and helped us win WWII… he had mistresses right out in the open and hid his health problems, even the fact that he was unable to even stand on his own.
  • JFK made great strides in the Civil Rights Movement and stood up to Cuba in the ballsy Cuban Missile Crisis… had several mistresses paraded through the White House, and allegedly had lots of Mob ties which helped him win the election. Not to mention his father being a bootlegger and serial philanderer.
  • Ronald Reagan made the 80’s all bright and shiny with a new Camaro for everyone and single-handedly ended the Cold War (according to mythology)… started his descent into Alzheimer’s Disease before his second term was over.
  • Abraham Lincoln essentially ended slavery and was a great statesman among other things (we get the day off for his birthday, for God’s sake)… suffered from clinical depression, malaria, and smallpox, not to mention his wife was certifiable.

So… what does all this mean? Well it goes to show that journalists were a lot more polite and appropriate back in the day, for one. A public figure’s personal life wasn’t open season. They respected that and stuck to the facts and with politicians stuck to the task at hand… mostly. And people did mostly as well. But people will always dig something up on someone they don’t like, just because… And we didn’t have the internet to perpetuate it.

And oh it’s just not politicians! Look at Pete Rose, legendary baseball player, one of the all-time greats… so he did a little gambling, meh. I don’t think his gambling mattered in him being all-time leader in hits, at-bats, singles, etc.

What’s the answer?  I don’t know. I like to think a person’s character matters but ultimately if they do their job well, it’s no one’s business I guess. Maybe I just prefer the days when journalism wasn’t so seedy and personal. Just something to keep in mind though… you really shouldn’t judge others if you don’t have a clean slate, well actually at all, you shouldn’t judge at all. Don’t be the pot calling the kettle black…


Northeast Snow Makes Us Heartier Folk Than Warm Weather Wimps

2 Mar

I live in Rochester, NY and I’m sure many of you have heard over the last couple of months that those of us in the Northeast (and some Great Lakes/Midwest states) have had an absolute brutal winter. You’ve either read about it in the news or have seen people bitch about it on social media. I’m here to testify that it’s true… it’s all true. And it sucks. It sucks more than wearing sandpaper underwear.

Facts are facts, Rochester suffered it’s coldest month ever (broke the record held in 1934) with a daily average temp of 12.4 degrees. Add to it, it was one of the snowiest as well. There have been mountains of snow covering the ground since early January. We had several days with below zero temps, some double digit below zero temps! I know a lot of folks with frozen or burst pipes and collapsed roofs. It’s been relentless. I just bought my house in the beginning of January, I’ve had to shovel every. single. day. Sometimes two or three times a day. However, I now have great biceps… but have tennis elbow.

Another pitfall of this not just annoying but dangerous weather is the a-holes on social media that live in warmer climates that say stupid things like “It’s 80 degrees here!” or “At the beach here!” or “Here’s the shoveling I’m doing!” with a picture of a sand pail and shovel on the beach. You all just get a big F-U! You’re not funny, you look like a douche. No really, you do. With a capital D.

And furthermore, and I say this with all due respect, you folks that live in warmer climes after running away from parts of the country with “inconvenient” weather… are wimps. People who were born and raised in warmer climes, it’s all you know and you probably have all of your family there so you are excused. But you’re still not excused from being a putz to people suffering bad weather.

Yes, I say that the people who left the Northeast for the South, just can’t hang. You aren’t strong enough. You feel entitled to not be bothered and have things your way. (before you get all pissy, realize this is a humor blog and sarcasm is my middle name) We up here in the Northeast may have incredibly crappy weather sometimes in the winter, but we are much heartier souls for it and we have a better sense of community. And usually a better sense of humor.

Bosses be like

(This would be funny if it weren’t so true in the Northeast)

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. And what kills us, makes us dead… so there’s that. But seriously, the smaller stuff doesn’t bother us as much because we’ve had bigger fish to fry. I’ve lived in other areas of the US, in warmer climates that did have snow from time to time and the people were of absolutely no help to each other. Here, your car gets stuck, all of a sudden there are 3 different people coming out of their house to push or dig you out. Out there, people would look out their window just being annoyed at the sound of your wheels spinning.

Here, a neighbor knows you are older, or a single woman, or not so mobile, they will snow blow your driveway. Out there, they would come out and see you shoveling, snow blow their own driveway, get done and still see you shoveling and shoveling, and just close up the garage and go in.

I find it funny that many people in other parts of the country think people in the Northeast (especially New York City) are the grumpiest people in the world. I think they are some of the friendliest and most helpful. We may not all have the Michele Duggar vapid smile on our face, because actually our faces did “freeze like that” while grimacing during the winters. But it doesn’t make us less friendly.  In my experience people are far more friendly and helpful in the Northeast.

Take 9/11 in New York. I have never seen strangers help strangers in such ways for months and months afterward. People feeding rescue workers for free, doctors working for free, people fixing widows homes for free. Can you imagine that happening in L.A. or Florida? They might write out a check to the Red Cross, but it’s unlikely many would want to get their hands dirty. Sorry, just my own experience.

We may have lots of cold and snow, but I’ll take the character of the people here over anywhere else. Gives us that at least, while you’re gloating. I don’t recall anyone from the Northeast writing stuff on Facebook like “Hey, I still have my house and no wind here!” on someone’s page who just lived through a tornado in Kansas. I don’t see anyone in the Northeast posting stuff about “We have plenty of water here!” with a picture of Lake Ontario to a friend in California who is suffering a drought.

It’s the I, Me, Mine mentality. “I got mine, I can’t be bothered” Yea, that’s right, I said it. You can have your warm weather, umbrella drinks, and suntans. I’ll keep my pale cancer-free skin, my layer of blubber, and my sense of caring and community. And even though you act like a schmuck, I’d still shovel your driveway… ‘cuz that’s the way I was raised. So there. :-)p

Enough With the Gluten-Free, Cross Fit, Socialist Selfies

27 Mar

I look at social media all day. Ok, well not all day but like a whole bunch of times throughout the day. Mostly because of my various jobs. I write about pop culture so I’m always seeing what’s out there. Also I do marketing so I need to know what’s out there, as well as putting stuff out there.

Anyway, in all of my social media perusing, I see a lot of trends. I can see their evolution. I see some teens or hipsters using some word or talking about a certain activity. Then I see how it spreads to other social media savvy and pop culture junky hipsters… and college kids. Then it starts to come on the average intelligent person’s radar. Next thing you know it’s used in a commercial… and then that lady in your office with the 80’s hair cut and mom-jeans starts saying it thinking she’s incredibly cool… by that time it’s over and done and become incredibly lame.

But then there are other trends that I call “adult trends”, no not like glory holes or something, it’s usually some health thing or activity that grown folks do that… I just don’t get and I’m sick of hearing about.

Examples of cool things to do or make jokes about for hipster kids that ran it’s course… twerking.

Now wait hear me out. Twerking was funny about a year ago. Even longer than that. I heard my kids joking about it I think when my son was graduating high school in 2012. By the time Miley did it on TV, it had pretty much come and gone. Now ya’ know when your semi-retired dentist in Rockport walking shoes mentions the word twerking, you just want to say “Sorry Pops, that’s about as hip as a fanny pack”. I never understood it as a serious dance, but it was funny as hell to make jokes about… as I said, a year ago.

twerk search chart


Now examples of adult trends that are so overdone, overposted, overused, overhyped, and should be just… over.

* Gluten-free. Ya’ll are always posting gluten-free recipes and talking about gluten-free this or that all the time. *I’ve changed this paragraph because the gluten-free folks were on a rampage and I don’t have the time or energy for it* I apologize if I seemed insensitive, but if you are a regular reader you know it’s part of my schtick. It’s like, would you go to an Andrew Dice Clay show and get upset because he made fun of you? Duh. Look you have the right to post your recipes, just as I have a right to be annoyed by constantly being bombarded with the word gluten-free all over the internet. My pet peeve. I have hot flashes from pre-menopause but you don’t hear me talk about it incessantly.

* Cross-fit. I have a niece that is heavily into it and I adore her, so I shouldn’t talk too bad about it, but seriously… I don’t post pics of me on the elliptical machine all the time, why should I care what you do for exercise?  I used to leg press 400 lbs, I never felt the need to post pics of it. And I find it funny that you pay to go to a gym to do shit that you could do in your backyard like push tires, fling ropes, jumping jacks, sit ups, jump rope… sorry.

* Selfies. I first saw selfies on Myspace 10 years ago. Oh yes, now it’s so funny to say “I’m taking a selfie” hee hee. *eye roll* Be truly creative and record like a rocket launch in the background or something and then I’ll think it’s interesting.

* Reposting articles or stories that have no basis in fact whatsoever. Are you that fucking stupid that you will just click on “share” every time you see a story about Michelle Obama spending $70 million on a plane ride for her favorite toothbrush or a child kicked out of school for saying “I love you”? It either neglects to tell you the real story (like the kid said I love you, but had a big boner he was rubbing against kid’s legs) or is just completely made up bullshit.Oh here’s one for you… “Did you know gullible isn’t in the dictionary?”… post that.

* Looking for, cooking with, or buying organic crap. It’s just a marketing ploy to get you to pay higher prices.

* Political memes. That’s just tired. And annoying. And not funny. None of you even know the true meaning of half of the “isms” you are calling people. You wouldn’t know a true socialist if they hit you in the face with a board.

Those are just a few of the things I’m sick of hearing about. Yea, I know you wish you were as cool as me and knew what was really trendy. The fact is it is so cool and esoteric that I can’t even tell you. I can’t post it. Me and the cool kids club only whisper about it to each other in dark alleys.


The Year of Madge with Video Footage

16 Jan

Do you guys remember the episode of Seinfeld (if you say you’ve never seen it or don’t know what it is, you should probably just leave my blog now… ok just kidding, kind of) where George decided it was the “Summer of George”?

Well, I proclaim this to be the “Year of Madge”!  Ok ok, I know I proclaimed it in like 2006… which wasn’t too bad of a year, but I really mean it this time.  Things are going to go my way God damn it, if I have to take all of you down with me!   I feel I have turned a corner.  I am getting a whole crap load of opportunities.  I have another article in Rochester Woman in Feb.  And I have a feature article written by me, about my experiences with mid-life dating and my book coming out in the magazine that comes in the Sunday edition of Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  Circulation, close to 200,000… I’ll take that bit of extra marketing, thanks!  They just asked me to set up a photo shoot for it… how obnoxious can I be for that one, huh?

I was asked by Amazon to submit something for Kindle Singles.  On top of that I have several other projects I’m working on, so I’m incredibly busy and blessed.  Let’s see if this can last the whole year and not shit the bed on me, mkay?

So, besides that just wanted to let you in on my newest obsession… Vines.  You can download the Vine app onto your phone and shoot 3 second videos.  It’s quite the popular thing with the kids these days.  Check out  Here is a little compilation from YouTube…

And here of course are some gems that I made… 

Let me see your Vines!  If you have an account, tell me your username so I can follow you!  My handle of course is Madge Madigan.

Holidays on Social Media are Like Slideshows You Were Forced to Watch at Neighbor’s House in the 70’s

26 Dec

I am all out of sorts right now with writing.  I am truly blessed right now with so many opportunities, I’m doing so much professional writing, I get writers block for my own damn blog!  I’ve got big things coming up folks, stay tuned.  And yes, it is a bigger announcement than I’m just attending happy hour in a bit.  Which I know you all love.

In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to share with you the things I hate about the holidays on Social Media…

* Pictures of food.  I know some of you care, but I don’t give a fuck.  Unless you have cooked a T-Rex or something unusual.

transformer fish


(or this transformer crustacean)

* Don’t be a douche and show off expensive gifts.  No, I’m not jealous.  There are people that don’t have much.  People who would be elated to get a proper mattress or have their energy bill paid for Xmas.  People that could only give their kids some simple items from Target or WalMart.  I’m talking about… ok some friends of my kids and their Mothers lay out their goods like it’s a pirate’s booty.  Naming each “label”.  Just stop, you look douchie.

diamond benz

*  You don’t have to name every person at your gathering of 20.  We don’t know them, we don’t care.  Sorry.

Madigan clan 2008

(My family 5 years ago, see you don’t care)

*  Pictures of food is bad enough, but a complete written description is worse.  Again, that’s just me, I think some foodies like it… but again this is about me… like everything should be.  🙂

*  Announcing what time you got up on Christmas morning.  I’ve lived 48 years without knowing when other people got up… don’t care.

* Saying you got engaged… unoriginal.


(P.S. get one that fits)

* Announcing you are using, reading, watching, or wearing a gift you just got at Christmas.  Good for you.  I hope you washed it first.

* Posting about how “giving is greater than receiving”.  If you really felt that way, you wouldn’t make a big deal about it and tell everyone.

* Saying you miss your dead relatives at the holidays.  Yea, I’m guilty of this.  My Mom just died last month… so shut the fuck up.

* Saying thank you to the troops that can’t be home for the holidays.  Like you give a shit, if you did you’d be enlisted too.

* Talking about how much boozin’ you’re doing at the holidays… if you didn’t invite me, I don’t care.

drinks well

* Preaching about the birth of Jesus being the true meaning of Christmas… well aren’t you holier than thou?  I get it, I go to Catholic Mass and celebrate Jesus and all that jazz… but it’s also about caring, loving, and giving.  If you are preaching, you better make sure you are more than a Chreaster Christian.  (Christmas & Easter)  And it’s also about making a fuss and being stressed if you want to… it’s your own damn house.

* Which brings me too… people posting about being stressed about all the extra mile they are doing… cookies, decorations, food, handmade crafts, doilies, whatever… like I said if you want to make a fuss, knock yourself out… but don’t be a martyr, you chose to do it.  No one held a gun to your head to make 20 tins of snickerdoodles for your co-workers.

Well, that’s all I care to bitch about right now.  I haven’t been so snarky in a while, gee it feels good.  It’s like soaking in Calgon… aaaahhhhh.  “Snarkgon take me away”.

Ok I feel better, now to go to the local gay pub and get my hag on.  I have to meet my girls… er boys… er ya’ know my 2nd family of other people that don’t fit into a lot of society’s norm like myself.  However, I do get upset when a lesbian gets all mad at me because I’m in there and I’m straight, like I’m somehow false advertising.  I say “honey, a gay man has to have his entourage”.  Since when can you only go to a bar if you want to get laid?  I didn’t think I was walking into the “Dating Game” or something.  Christ on ice and Mary in the penalty box…

Gotta’ run… ciao.

Sexting Scrapbooking Group, Now Accepting New Members!

14 Nov

(Just and aside this Friday and Saturday (starting at midnight tonight) my new book “I Got Yer Haiku Right Here” will be a FREE ebook download on, check out my other book “When Life Gives You Lemons… at Least You Won’t Get Scurvy!” while you’re there)

As most of you may know I’ve been divorced for almost 13 years now.  There’s been a lot of dating and entanglements with men in that time.   Some of you who haven’t been in the dating seen for many years might not be aware of all the wonderful new nuances of dating.  Some of you younger folks, don’t know anything different.

Those of us say over 35, maybe only over 40, remember a time when you went out into the world and met real people and if you clicked, a boy asked for the girl’s number.  Then the girl would sit around and wait for the phone to ring at home… no cell phones, no answering machines, no computers, no call waiting.  Or unless you were a freak and answered a personal ad in the back page of the Village Voice and sent a letter to a P.O. Box and waited several days for a response… that too.

Teenager looking at red phone

(For those of you who don’t know… this is what phones used to look like, they were plugged into a wall at home or business)

So nowadays, you can meet people online, solicited or unsolicited and sometimes never ever meet them.  There are people that carry on entire virtual relationships for years and never meet.  This is a perfect solution for those that suffer from social awkwardness or insecurity because of weight, ugliness or some other malady.  I mean really, if you are content to never have a physical encounter with someone because you can’t bear to face the world, the world’s your oyster right now!

Which brings me to another virtual “dating” tool… texting or otherwise electronically sending pictures.  Show of hands, how many women have received unsolicited dick pics out there?   Ok, too many to count.  Now, how many women have been asked to send pics of themselves to a man (or woman, we don’t judge here)?  Again, too many to count.  How many of you women, send pics will-nilly to said men?  Ok maybe not willy-nilly, but you’ve sent them?


Here’s my thing, and it’s probably not what you think.  No, I’m not disgusted… however, unsolicited pics of one’s junk is not a turn on for me.  I can’t say even solicited ones are.  Ok, maybe out of curiosity, I wonder what your junk looks like but it doesn’t suddenly make a deal when there wasn’t one.  It’s just more like car wreck curiosity.  And I highly highly advise against sending pics to someone who you aren’t in a relationship with, especially a stranger, you never know where that will end up.  You may end up all over the internet, or in some collage on a serial rapist/killers basement apartment wall.  However, if you really feel the need, don’t include your face in the pic, for God’s sake.

Oh, so wait, I still didn’t tell you my thing.  So say, you meet a guy that lives far away or you reconnect with someone from your past that lives far away.  Like I lived in Denver now I live in NY and I run into someone on Facebook I used to know there.  Whatever.  Not that this has really happened.  *ahem*  So, you get flirty in texts or whatever… then they ask for pics.  You get carried away, it’s a little exciting at first.  Sending pics of you in your sexiest dress or lingerie.  You get a shirtless pic of him and he’s not an old man with moobs, sweet!  And maybe you get coerced into showing a little more skin… and then you get asked for more pics.  I’m not saying you keep sending pics but he keeps asking for them.

And more pics.

And more pics.

Days, weeks, months, years go by of the guy asking for pics.  It is demeaning.  He can never get enough pics but makes no effort to meet.  And I’m like, is this desire between us ever going to get fulfilled, like in person, not over the phone or computer?  Like skin on skin?  Not yet, you want more pics?  Uh…. yea.  I’m kinda’ over this.  Bo… ring.

And no, he’s not married.  He doesn’t have a girlfriend.  We know mutual people.  Maybe he is taken, but he talks a good game of wanting to get together but can’t pull the trigger, so to speak.  Whatever the case is… why are guys perfectly satisfied with getting pics for the rest of their life?  What are y’all like scrapbooking that shit or something?  I can see you all gathering at Joe’s house, bringing your scrapbook material… “Oh I’m using the crimping shears on this one!  Look how nice it is on an orange background! Does anybody have a ‘Hot Stuff’ or palm  tree sticker?”  WTF?


(Not sex, but an example of what a man’s scrapbook might look like)

I’m sorry to me, that stuff gets old real quick.  I need the real thing.  I call your bluff.   Pics or sexting as a form of very short foreplay is ok.  Pic trading as an ongoing form of a relationship?  No thanks.  As my Mother has said her whole life in answer to many situations… “Shit or get off the pot”.  That is pretty much my motto for everything in life.  I’m a doer… not because I have irritable bowel syndrome, I just need to get things underway, make a move, give it a try.

So, can anyone tell me why men do this?  Has anyone ever encountered a woman doing this?  I just want to know what men’s fascination with pics are and why they could be perfectly satisfied with only pics.  Any other women feel this way or is it just me?  Maybe I’m the freak?  Hmmmm…

The Art of Naughty Words

24 Oct

In the past few years as I have tried to expand my writing opportunities, and in doing so I have often encountered the dilemma of profanity.  The naughty word, the swear word, expletives, obscenities.  Should I use bad words if I am trying to appeal to the masses or get a certain job and need to have a certain image?  I’m still trying to figure it out.  I keep going back and forth.

One thing I have ruled out is profanity just for profanity’s sake.  I’m beyond the whole “shock value” thing and I really don’t have that filthy of a mouth.  I have been known to go a little heavier on the obscenity-peppering in the past but that was when I was writing for a different crowd.  And the subject matter was a little more on the raunch side.  Now I like to be the fabulous proper lady who shoots a zinger here and there.


^ That’s me.

In several reviews for my book people mentioned the profanity but they said they enjoyed it.  However, the fact that they mentioned it makes me a little squeamish.  Maybe there was too much?

And then I had an extremely self-righteous ex-friend… huh I won’t even give him the privilege of calling him a friend, he never was.  Anyway he’s one of those assholes (whoops there I go again, but this is warranted) that feels it is far better to be “brutally honest” (emphasis on brutal) in what he is thinking rather than be kind.  As if his opinion is somehow the be-all, end-all and he is giving you the honor of a critique.  What a douche.  Now I welcome criticism but when you do it in a mean way, well you’re just being mean.  Criticism should be in the form of suggestion, not in a “you are wrong” manner.

So this person who I have known for almost 10 years finally reads my blog and the first thing he says is “Only people who are not smart enough to have something to say use profanity.  I tune out the minute I hear or see fuck.”  Oh really, Joe Righteous?  I’ve heard you use that word a few times, along with calling your ex-wife a c*nt.  He’s just incapable of giving a compliment and must always remain superior to everyone, thus the real reason for criticism, not because he’s so unabashedly honest.  I’ve accepted that and just decided it’s not worth dealing with his negativity anymore.

Ok, so maybe I should tone down the profanity, he has a valid point.  But to insinuate I’m stupid or low brow so I have to use it is just insulting.  And if I wasn’t so refined and intellectual, I’d give him a gigantic, “Go fuck yourself”.

Now here are my examples of use.  If you are one of these street types or low-lifes that all of your sentences are constructed in the exact same manner of every other word being profanity, then yes I’ll give you the “doesn’t have anything more intelligent to say” theory.

Example:  “Bitch-ass motherfucker comes up to me and fucking asks for a motherfucking cigarette. I’m like get your own fucking cigarettes, cocksucking bitch.”

Sorry if I offended anyone.  That greatly offended me, I don’t like that at all, but that’s what I hear out on the street a lot.  Or in an interview with a rapper.  That type of swearing has no merit whatsoever.  It makes me cringe and weep for our youth.

However, I believe a well-placed profanity can be funny and creative and serve to drive home a point.  It’s all about context.  I love “out of character” moments.  You know, like a tap dancing monk, or something.

For instance… if I’m telling a story about sitting in a business meeting where everyone is proper and business-like and a co-worker is rambling on about some office procedure or a problem therewith  and I say that I think in my head “What the fuck are you talking about?”, I think that’s funny.  Because it’s a direct contrast to what’s going on… proper – improper.

Or sometimes I enjoy the randomly placed expletive within syllables to prove an emphatic point.  “Absofuckinglutely” has always been one of my favorite words.  I don’t go around saying it all the time, I don’t say it to children or nuns.  We’re all adults here.  It’s like I would say it if someone asked me “Would you like to go to Europe, all expenses paid?”… “Absofuckinglutely!”.

However, I was just approached about a job.  It would be a high profile job working for a non-profit that deals with a serious social issue.  Will these writings with this language usage somehow discredit me?  Or paint me in a bad light?  They can’t take me seriously?  Well, I look into some high profile people and there causes and how do they jive?  Pamela Anderson is campaigning to ban pro bullfighting.  She likes the animals apparently… does her kind of bimbo appearance cause people to not take her cause seriously?

So what do you think?  Should you just be authentic at all costs?  Or should you try to compromise and use decorum most of the time?  Or should you try to please the  masses and be totally G rated?  I’m guessing that I’ll eventually find my way by losing out on jobs or becoming famous for my salty language. 🙂



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Good girl goes rogue


Illegal in 38 states--frowned upon in the rest.

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