Feel Like Your Relationship is All Give and No Get?

Before we get to the blog… guess what’s here?! MY PODCAST T-SHIRT! Be one of the 1st to get the “Remain Calm and Stay Fabulous” with Madge podcast T-SHIRT! Get it now at the introductory price OF $14.99 for a limited time before it goes up to regular price! Tell the world you are fabulous!

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Get a Business Mentor to Slap You Around a Little

Need a change in your career? Suddenly head of the household and not sure where to turn? Tired of a dead-end job? Always had a dream to do something you love? Maybe you have some crazy-ass kids that you think you could never corral long enough to concentrate on building a business? Then listen to

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Intuitives, Psychics, Tarot Cards; Can They Really Help Improve Your Life?

Psychic: relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance. Intuitive: the ability to know something by using your feelings rather than considering the facts Tarot Cards: a special pack of cards, now used mainly for fortune-telling, Have you ever consulted or thought about consulting a Psychic, an Intuitive,

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The Only Country Club Member on Food Stamps

Hey! If you haven’t been following along at home, I have a podcast now! Yes, yes I do. And I just posted my 7th Episode entitled The Only Country Club Member on Food Stamps, the Story of Madge. Click below and have a listen! Funny, inspiring, a little sad, a little sex, and of course

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Here it is! My Podcast!

Here it is gang! My podcast! You’re Soaking in It with Madge Or Listen on SunCloud.com Or Listen on iTunes http://app.stitcher.com/splayer/f/124800