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Why Do I Care About You, I Don't Even Know You?

Holy cow, it’s been a while eh? Well it’s been an action-packed six weeks or so for me. Most of August was spent caring for my significant other as he had to undergo surgery for prostate cancer. Everything eventually turned out ok, and we are monitoring things over the next few months to make sure

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Man Takes High Dive with Detachable Penis in Hand

Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis, jumps off building, but survives     I can not make this stuff up, folks. Uh, that’s some nutty stuff… choppin’ off your penis than jumping off a building. Ok, it was only the second story but he had good intentions. How embarrassing is it though that he survived? Now he’s

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Finally! Crimes are Easier to Commit Than Ever! Try Yours Today!

So I was reading this article here… Doreen Landstra, Elderly Woman Who Killed 3 In Car, Gets Suspended License And the reasoning behind the sentence completely baffled me. Now this is the woman that (you probably remember this story) backed into a group of fellow church-goers while trying to leave the church parking lot and

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Your Job Has Loved You Long Time, Now You Go!

People always act like it’s so tragic when an employer closes down and someone loses their job that they held for 25 years there. Girl, I’d be happy if I could work somewhere for a year before getting laid off. I used to look for a job every 6 months. I’d love to have that

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Does NY Rep. Michael Grimm Have Masculine Identity Issues?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about it… the above clip is of Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican Congressman representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn who is currently under investigation for illegal fund raising being interviewed by NY1 reporter Michael Scotto.  Grimm is being interviewed to get his response

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