The Year of Madge with Video Footage

16 Jan

Do you guys remember the episode of Seinfeld (if you say you’ve never seen it or don’t know what it is, you should probably just leave my blog now… ok just kidding, kind of) where George decided it was the “Summer of George”?

Well, I proclaim this to be the “Year of Madge”!  Ok ok, I know I proclaimed it in like 2006… which wasn’t too bad of a year, but I really mean it this time.  Things are going to go my way God damn it, if I have to take all of you down with me!   I feel I have turned a corner.  I am getting a whole crap load of opportunities.  I have another article in Rochester Woman in Feb.  And I have a feature article written by me, about my experiences with mid-life dating and my book coming out in the magazine that comes in the Sunday edition of Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  Circulation, close to 200,000… I’ll take that bit of extra marketing, thanks!  They just asked me to set up a photo shoot for it… how obnoxious can I be for that one, huh?

I was asked by Amazon to submit something for Kindle Singles.  On top of that I have several other projects I’m working on, so I’m incredibly busy and blessed.  Let’s see if this can last the whole year and not shit the bed on me, mkay?

So, besides that just wanted to let you in on my newest obsession… Vines.  You can download the Vine app onto your phone and shoot 3 second videos.  It’s quite the popular thing with the kids these days.  Check out  Here is a little compilation from YouTube…

And here of course are some gems that I made… 

Let me see your Vines!  If you have an account, tell me your username so I can follow you!  My handle of course is Madge Madigan.


One Response to “The Year of Madge with Video Footage”

  1. Julie-Ann Baumer January 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    Can you even say “you’re soaking in it” in 3 seconds?

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