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Blogging Under the Influence

26 Sep

I have a lot of projects going on right now.  I’ve been asked to do a few speaking engagements and I’m really excited about it.  Hopefully I’ll have video footage at some point.

So I haven’t had time to wri te a blog this week nor do I have enough brain power to come up with a subject.  To add insult to injury I went to the doctor and he gave me an antihistamine to take every night before bed.  See, being  a redheaded freckled Irish lass, I have crap skin.  Now I have this thing that when I go in the sun, I get some color (read: red) but then I get some red splotches and my arms, chest, and shoulders itch like crazy.  Oh sure it’s not bad enough that I look like a sheet of copy paper, no now I’ll look like I have measles or chicken pox or some I’m sort of meth head.

So I took this stuff last night before bed, along with a cream… and holy crap do I feel better!  I stopped itching and the blotches don’t look so angry.  But man it’s 2 in the afternoon and I’m still groggy!  I feel drunk, quite honestly.  And sleepy.  Sleepy drunk.  Lalalalala.  I can’t take anything that might possibly kinda’ sorta’ make a person sleepy… it’s almost certain I will be in a coma for a day or two.  Even stuff that’s not supposed to make you sleepy?  Oh that will somehow be lights out for me.

I have suffered from anxiety throughout my life, thanks to some awesome meds I don’t really have much trouble anymore.  However, my body has a memory of it’s own and sometimes my PTSD will kick in and I can’t relax.  (I have PTSD from incidences that occurred during my marriage) It’s like waiting for the Vietcong, ya’ know they’re gonna’ spring up on ya’ somehow, sometime!  So I take a Xanax.  Snaps me out of it but puts me in hibernation mode.  I can’t wake up.

If I’m still groggy from a med, I still forge ahead.  It’s like I took a double dose of Nyquil or something.  So I walk around, talking, working, and not making much sense.  And I’m trying to still act like I’ve got cat-like reflexes, when I actually have slower reaction time than a 16 year old who’s told to go do the dishes.

I’m trying hard to focus and write this but ya’ know what I really want to type right now?  This…

alkjf;ijeorihelkhglkhas;ldkjf  sheep bologna llkjdsijfijvijek cow cow cow cow cow kllksdjflkdjlkfj foofy foofy foo kjdlkjflkjelkjlkjc mee mee moh moh ma ma ma ma ama wlieuroieorijelijf;ijgfh

There that feels better.

I want cheese.

It’s nice not to itch.

My puppy pees a lot.  She peed on me yesterday as she jumped into my lap while in the car to say hello to some girls who came over to my window in the school parking lot.  She got awfully excited and couldn’t contain herself.  Eh, we’ve all had it happen.

I might take another nap now…


You Won My Heart with Your First Email “I Want to Drill That #$%^*”

24 Sep

Over the years I have occasionally been hit on by a man.  Yes, I know even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.

Whether it be in person or online, I’m wondering if any of you other women (or men even) find someone’s really aggressive behavior repulsive?  Or have any of you fallen for that?  Or have any of you done it and had it work?

What kind of behavior you ask?  Well, I find it happens online more frequently, you know because internet muscles and all.  But in real life… I find even a little thing like coming to talk to me, looming over me and staring at me creepily while I’m clearly not interested and refusing to leave, really off-putting.  The most obnoxious thing I ever had a guy do was pick up my phone which was sitting on the bar where I was seated and called his phone from my phone to get my number.  This was after I told him I wasn’t interested.  He did it while I was ordering a drink but I caught him midway, I tried to grab it away but he pulled back and finished quickly.  He thought he was so funny, cute, and clever.  I just thought he was a dick.  He then proceeded to call me several times that week, which I ignored.  I was really starting to get mad.  He finally stopped.  Dude, trust me when I tell you, I”m not that interesting.

Online is far worse.  I have this guy that I had blocked a few times on various sites, Match, Myspace (yes this was a few years ago) he was always like “Look you should go out with me because I’m far better than other men, I bet you always fall for the same kind that don’t get you anywhere, right?  So stop being a loser and get with a winner?”  Um, yea?  You think I want to date you after calling me a loser, asswipe?  I ignored him, then he writes again, “This will be the last time I ask, want to meet for a drink?”  Oh hell no!  I finally just wrote “no thank you” and he left me alone… for a while.  Then he comes back other places with new profiles probably because every woman in town has blocked him.

There is that old adage that nice guys finish last but really do assholes win?  I mean really?  Complete jerks?  I mean I’ve been courted by a sarcastic jerkish guy a few times.  I was attracted to the sarcastic humor but when I realized there was no other side, I ditched.

Then of course the most aggressive move is the dick pic.   Ladies, we’ve all had it.  You are talking to a guy online, there may be a build up or it may be his first approach… a picture of his junk.  Now guys, hear me when I say you don’t have a particularly pretty piece of equipment.  I mean ladies in general don’t judge a man buy his schlong.  I really don’t know what you are thinking?  I’ve had that as the first hand played, like that old Chris Rock routine, “Hey, how ya’ doin’?  Here’s my dick.”  Dude, I don’t even know  what you look like or what your real name is yet, and you’re flingin’ that around?

(Caution: Video may be offensive and not safe for work)


Then there is the ever charming email message or comment “Ur so hawt, I would hit that”, or the even more direct, “Let’s fuck”.  Well ok then, where do I sign up?!  You could be a  70 year old man or a 12 year old boy or convicted rapist but yo… I’m all on board for dat!  The funniest was when I was in a discussion on a single parent group page on LinkedIn… LInked-freakin-In people!  I get some foreign guy that I think English was about his 8th language, that wanted to invade my personal colo-rectal space.  Really charming.

What I want to know is, does this ever work?  Ladies, ever fallen for it?  Guys, did you catch some fish with that pole?  Or guys has some woman ever sent you vajay pics off the bat?  Or any other body part?  This stuff baffles me.  Maybe it’s just the thrill of doing the stuff for the people.  Not thinking it will really net them anything but it’s fun.  Kind of like a flasher… just show your junk and run?  I don’t get it.  It takes all kinds.



According to SEO MY Blog Involves Young Gay Sweatpants Porn

19 Sep

I love to look through my search term results on WordPress sometimes.  It’s a function on the dashboard that allows you to see what terms people have typed into search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) that resulted in your blog showing up and them clicking on it.

This provides me with twofold entertainment:

1. It shows me some really strange-ass terms that brought people to my blog.   Apparently I write about some odd topics.

2.  Some of y’all are freaks.  I can’t believe some of the terms people actually search for.  I mean, like… what the hell are you looking for that for?  Maybe you just picked some words out of a hat?

I present to you the screen shot of the terms which have brought people to my blog in the last 7 days…

search word screenshot

I tried to make it as big as I could, you’ll probably have to click on it to read it.

I have to tell you the first one that jumps out is “junior gay boys”.  Now, I am not exaggerating when I say that term is usually in there a few times a week.  Now I know it’s because I wrote a blog about 6 months ago on a gay couple being allowed to go to the prom at a local all boys Catholic school.  But I’m a little afraid to know the intentions of the people searching that term.  I just searched the term… I’m the only result that’s not gay porn.  Go me!  But I guess kind of fits in with me being a gay-friendly blog and all.  P.S. if you’re faint of heart, don’t go searching that term and click on the “triple decker” video.  Ew.

The next one that really fascinates me is “sweatpants single I threw up lets have sex”.  Uh…. I just uh, I’m drawing a blank there.  I can’t think of anything I wrote that comes remotely close to this.  So I Googled that term, I didn’t even get my blog as a result, but this gem came up, apparently it’s a thread on a message board…

Every single pair of jeans I have hurts my balls when I sit – Non ..

Well, glad to know we all have problems.

The moving down the list “trust on my ass”.  I remember I wrote a blog “I’d Only Trust My Ass to a Professional” about trial by jury.  But why would you search that?  Maybe “trust in my ass” or “trust my ass” or even “trust ass”, but “on” I don’t get it.   Of course I Googled and got a bunch of vulgar song lyrics but then right below my blog result, was a result for “Asset Protection Trusts”.  At least something useful showed up.

“Broke Single Mom blog”  well duh, that search term has me written all over it.

“Ass Only Blogspot”, well now that seems logical.  I’m thinking that may be a blog written by a power bottom or total bottom. (gay terms, look ’em up… or wait maybe some of you shouldn’t.  That means you Mom.)  But in my Google search I got a chuckle out of this one… Ass Lovers Paradise.  Do not click on it!  It’s a tumblr account.  It shows some vajay, so don’t look.  I mean, you can if you want but it’s NSFW (Not Safe For Work)  But I still can’t think of what I wrote that would prompt that term, because nothing showed up when I searched.  Maybe the above ass blog?

And then finally there is “madge vhlg dsil.”  WTF?   Were ya’ drunk?  Slurred typing?  In searching I’m thinking vhlg and dsil are HTML terms?  Maybe?  No?  Somebody?  Maybe they were trying to write “Madge Vagisil”?   Or maybe “Madgisil”?  How rude.

See how easy it is to amuse me?  So any of you bloggers out there ever do this?  What are some of the more bizarre or chuckle-inducing terms you’ve found?

“Hey Rocky, Watch Me Pull a Job Outta’ My Butt!”

17 Sep

(ok Bullwinkle used to show Rocky pulling a rabbit out of his hat not his ass, but ass is more fitting here)

You know what I think is an absolute hilarious phrase?

“Just go get a job”


“Just go get another job”

Bah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

See how funny that is?

Is there some dispensary that I don’t know about where they are giving out jobs like a Great Depression breadline?


I’ve had it said to me tons of times at different points in my life.  While going through my divorce, I was a stay-at-home Mom with kids ages 6, 3, and 1-ish.   I hadn’t worked in a couple years, I had been doing some marketing stuff at home.  My career before that was all admin-type jobs in radio and TV.  Where was I going to get a job to cover paying for 3 kids in daycare?  Do you know how much daycare charges?  Say you make about $360/week at a $9/hour admin job.  Daycare for one child is anywhere from $200-300 a week.  Times 3?  Yea.

Flash forward to about the past 5 years.  I’ve had writing/marketing gigs, but always freelance projects, part-time gigs, whatever.  I could never quite break-into the ad agencies because well they are laying everyone off.  And if you haven’t broken in already, you ain’t gettin’ in… unless you’re an unpaid intern.

So, I’ve tried over the years at several times to “Just get a job”.  Do you know how hard that shit is these days? I don’t have childcare expense anymore but now I can’t even get the low paying job!   I have applied to minimum wage jobs just to get something for extra income, I think they took one look at my over-qualified ass and tossed my app in the trash.  I never even got an interview.   On top of that, all these “mall jobs” as I like to call them (retail, food, min. wage) want you to apply online and it takes an hour to finish the application.  They all make you take these surveys or evaluations.  Really, a psychological evaluation for a minimum wage job?  Then they want you to take a drug test.  I have nothing to hide, but seriously?  Well I guess you are dealing with cash and they don’t want anyone with a drug habit who’s going to pocket it.

But anyway, why don’t they have these psychological evaluations for professional jobs?   You know how many  closet psycho, sociopathic, cubicle jockeys there are out there?!   I only ever had one “desk job” ask me to fill out one.  I obviously passed but it was funny because the mindset they were trying to portray that they wanted wasn’t necessarily… well, they didn’t practice what they preached.  Let’s just say that.  I thought it was kind of a waste of time.

Have you ever taken one of these tests?  They ask you the same question over and over but in 10 different ways.  “When do you think it’s ok to be late for work?”  Choices: Never?  Once in a while?  A few times a month?  I don’t care about being on time?   Well you know what the hell they want you to say!  Never!  What dumbass would answer anything else?  And I actually had a hiring manager tell me they had a hard time finding people who passed the test!

Well… that’s because you look at the young kids with no experience that just want some weed money, instead of mature people like me that actually want and need a job!


(I loved Keenan and Kel)

I’m not gonna’ lie, finding something I am qualified for?  I’m either over-qualified or under-qualified but just don’t have one piece of the puzzle (like agency experience, or writing for a specific industry experience, like healthcare or something).   And I’ll be honest, I think my age is starting to be a factor.  I was so naive I never thought that would matter in a million years.  But in this day and age, everyone thinks youngsters have it all and are the only ones who can be hip and in the know.  To which I say, “fuck you”.  I know not to drop that thun thun thun.  I know what’s goin’ on.

I’ve discussed this with my friends.  I’ve had several friends that had been out of work for anywhere from 4 months to a year.  They’re all professionals.  Upper management, comptrollers, graphic designers, writers, engineers.  One common denominator, we’re all in our mid to late 40’s.  Do you think it makes a difference?

Hey, I think I’m friendly and I have a rack… I couldn’t even get a job as a restaurant hostess, server, or bartender because I have no experience!  Tha fuck?  I’ve been waiting on kids, husbands(well only one), and boyfriends for years!  How much different can it be?  I can learn!  Oh and apparently raising 3 kids on your own isn’t enough experience to work daycare either.  SMH

This writing thing has gone well, but not quite enough yet to sustain my lifestyle full time.  Gotta’ put out a few more books first.  So in the meantime I must bring in a little extra grocery money.  So either buy my book or tell me where this magical job handing out line is.  Thanks.  (new book coming out in time for holidays)

Anyone else had difficulty “just getting a job” in recent years?

Like Bill Murray Said, “It’s in the Hole!”

12 Sep

Lots of action on the street today!

I work from home and I live in a nice city, somewhat trendy neighborhood.  Lots of large colonial homes, a good bit of them are split into a few apartments that house just out of college 20 somethings.  Lots of duplexes too.

Anyway, for a few weeks now a  bunch of contractors from Rochester Gas and Electric have been digging up the street, converting all of our gas meters from inside to outside so power can be cut off easier in case of emergency.

My first bit of excitement was listening to a huge shouting match between the “boss” (crew leader, foreman, whatever) and a crew member.  Not sure what started it but boss was yelling about the guy giving him lip.  Boss says something about if you’re going to have that attitude you can just go home.  The guy keeps saying, “Ok boss, whatever you need.  If that’s what you want”  I hear continued jabbering and the boss yells something like “You keep going, you want to keep up talking like that, you’ll be off this crew.”  Subordinate says, “If that’s what you need boss, whatever”.  They continue to go back and forth as guy is packing up his gear with “if that’s what you want”, “yea, if you keep it up. Is that what you want?”  It got a little comical, like a couple threatening to break up… “Fine then we’re breaking up.”  “Sure, if that’s what you want.”  “Well, I know that’s what you want.”  “Ok, fine so we’re broken up then”


It was funny… there is a certain accent some working class guys have up here, it’s a combination of Western NY accent that has nasally sounding short A’s (not nearly as bad as Chicago but similar) and New Jersey sounding tough guy.   It’s a combo of Upstate and Downstate.  Anyway, it was funny to hear those two guys having their bromance quarrel.

Then as that is settling down… the lady that lives directly across the street in one of the duplexes comes barreling backing out of her driveway in her shitbox hooptie sedan.  Now, they are right smack in front of her house actively working on it.  They have the whole front sidewalk and front portion of her driveway dug out.  They had these two big metal sheets lying over the  hole of the driveway.

I happened to be looking out when this happens because I work at my laptop right in front of the window.   She comes barreling out and separates the metal over the hole and her back tires fall in the hole.  I’m half gasping and laughing as the contractors are yelling “woah woah woah” just as she’s charging down the driveway.  Then the foreman is yelling politely in his NJ hybrid tone “Woah hey, you just can’t come out like that, you needed to warn us”.  What was said after that, I don’t know.

But seriously, they dug up my driveway too.  They were the nicest guys at making sure to tell us what was going on, and they guided me in and out of the driveway every time I needed to.  And I had enough brains to ask each time if it was ok, or did they need me to keep my car out of the driveway, etc.  Duh.

So, this lady is stuck.   I was half paying attention as I had stuff to do.  They were now hooking up a chain to her bumper (covered by a blanket) and the uh, whattaya call it, diggger?  Frontloader?  Whatever thingy, was lifting up the back end of the car and were telling her when to move forward.  In the meantime, this scrawny little bald douchebag neighbor with glasses in his 40s, always clad in t-shirt, jorts, and Teva sandals (1992 called, it wants it’s wardrobe back) comes out and starts shooting video with his phone.   He video-ed until well after it was over too.  I’m like dude, what?  Are you making a documentary film to submit to Cannes?  It’s done, go away!

Now, I have seen this guy out several times in the last couple weeks with his big ole Nikon marching up and down the street taking pictures of the construction sites and vehicles and such.  Mostly after they are gone for the day.  I don’t think he’s creating art, I think he’s trying to document something.  He’s probably the same type of person who creates petitions for city council to make the sewer grates cleaner or some bullshit.

He’s like the fucking Gladys Kravitz of the street.  “Abnah!  The Stevens’ are having people over again!”  A couple years ago before I lived here I was over visiting Tony.  I parked on the street while Tony was inside, so we could get his car out of the driveway.  I pull in a spot right across the street in between two driveways.  I’m an experienced city street parker, I know there will be other people needing to park.  But I also know the driveways need enough room for cars to get out.  This little douchebucket comes out of the house waving at me as I get out “You need to pull up further, other cars need to park.  There’s room for another car if you pull up.”  I tell him I know, and that I’m fine, I’ve parked here before, I’ve left enough room.


He then goes prattling on about I’m wrong, he’s been living here for 20 years or whatever and he knows blah blah blah.  So to get him to shut the fuck up, I move up a couple inches.  He then gives me the prissy, snippy, “I told you so” dismissive “Thank you!” and kind of waves me off.   I wanted to take off my stiletto and heave it at him so the heel would stab him right in the back of his fucking skull.

So I don’t know what the “Jort Crusader” thinks he is, the guardian of the street or something?  You just know he’s gonna’ take that video and try and sue RG&E with this lady or something.  They are just neighbors, they aren’t together or anything, so I guess he thinks he’s ya’ know Buford Pusser in “Walking Tall” or something.  He’s going to save our street from all injustices.  Or perhaps just his little slice of heaven will be protected.

I’m just tired of people whipping out their camera at every turn now.  And they usually create more drama by doing so.  What do you think of people like that?  Are they trying to protect people from big corporate injustice… or just pain in the asses looking for a reason to complain.

Side Action… All the Kids are Doing it!

10 Sep

This here’s a pretty basic blog today.  Simple question…

To cheat or not to cheat?  That is the question…

I thought my beliefs were set in stone, cast in iron, shackled in… die-cast fiberglass.  (I’m not even sure what that means)  My belief had always been, you just don’t cheat.  I never did on my husband, even though he was an abusive drunk who cheated on me.  My parents were married for 64 years until my Dad passed away this past October.  It’s what I thought was right.  What I thought you were supposed to do.  At all costs, remain loyal.

But after being divorced for 13 years and in my late 40’s, I’ve heard alotta’ lotta’ stories.  Everybody has a story.  And it appears, everybody has cheated.  Even teachers, friends, bosses, that I thought were so squeaky clean over the years… had affairs.  It seems extramarital schtupping is rampant.  Who knew?  Well at least I didn’t.  Apparently I was a bit of a Pollyanna.

That also brings us to long term relationships… does everybody cheat in those and is it really cheating?  I have a friend who justifies extracurricular activity from his LTR by saying “Hey there’s no ring on my finger”.  Uh, well ok.

Is monogamy just unrealistic?  Has infidelity been going on forever and some just choose to ignore it and some don’t?  Or do jewelry and flowers just make it go away?  (which BTW, I never got any… fuckers)

Italians even have a name for it –  goomatta. Whether pronounced goomah, goomar or goomatta, the word is the Americanized corruption of the Italian word comare, which means mistress or girlfriend.  Older wives just seem to accept their role as the dutiful one who gets the kids and the roof over her head and the goomatta gets taken out and paraded around on Saturday night, maybe some trinkets… and gets her ankles over her head.

I don’t know?  What do you think?  I guess it depends on the people, the couples, whatever.  Some wives just look the other way as long as his paycheck is coming to them.  Some wives would cut off his dick if he strayed.

Oh and it’s not just the men, I was astonished to find out lots of women cheat.  Like… a lot.  I think men don’t take that one so well with the pride thing.  Guys, would you care if your wife/gf was out gettin’ a pounding from somebody else once in a while?

After I got divorced, I swore up and down I would never ever ever date a married man.  I just couldn’t do that to another woman because I had it done to me.  But mine was  a little different, a bit more severe.  I was pregnant and had two kids ages almost 5 and 2.  He was cruel when he was at home, I wasn’t being taken care of.  And worst of all, I knew the girl, she was a co-worker of his.  She had babysat the kids before.  It was a long ongoing emotionally intimate relationship (not so) behind my back.  I knew, he denied it.

But what if it’s somebody who’s kids are a little older and nobody is pregnant or sick and it’s just a little schtupping on the side?  I guess only your conscience knows, huh?

What if you’re married to someone you’re not really in love with, or never were?  Things aren’t terrible at home, kids are happy, you’re just not in love.  You find the love of your life on the side?  Or at least the bang of your life on the side.  Get divorced first?  Test the waters first?  Does it matter?  Is it really all fair in love and war?

I don’t know anymore.  I had these incredibly restrictive rules before.  Like don’t even talk to married men.  Maybe it was just Catholic guilt?  Now I’m starting to lean toward the “Every man for himself” thing.  All I know is… where did it get me?  Involved with men who proclaimed to have the same beliefs but didn’t.  Men that didn’t provide for me.  Men who had a disconnect.  So… maybe I should go for a few flings?  Get treated like a mistress?  Have men buy me shit?  The meek shall inherit the Earth, my ass.  It seems any woman that married for money, or mistressed for money, gets set for life and become socialites, celebrities, or get TV shows.  I know several women in town that married or mistressed well and took the money and ran and set up a nice life for themselves and their kids.  And guess what?  They’re happy.


Case in point – RHOA’s Kim Zolciak/Biermann or whatever the hell she is now.  How do you go from broke single Mom to Wealthy Atlanta socialite?  Why, a married sugar daddy, of course!  And now she’s found a hot wealthy football player as a result of being a wealthy socialite.  The end.

Maybe Tina Turner was right, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”.  Maybe empty flattery, passionate sex and money is more enjoyable?

Let’s hear your opinion on this…

Oh and don’t forget to take a look at my other blog for Divorced Moms.

I’ve Seen Films That Had a Smaller Budget Than This Wedding…

5 Sep

I know this is probably stupid but… something has been bugging the crap out of me lately.  I’ve been seeing non-stop promos for a new show on Bravo about one of the Real Housewives of Orange County getting married.  I believe it’s called “Tamra’s O.C. Wedding”.  Let me just say the first thing that bothers me is that every other housewife has been getting these stupid spin-off shows about preparing for a wedding,  Enough already.

A tangent… another thing that pisses me off is the fact that these real housewife wedding shows are  added to about 4,000 other wedding shows that are on TV and show all these huge spectacles they call weddings.  It’s like a God damn Busby Berkeley or Cecil B. Demille production!   I keep waiting for Esther Williams to appear and dive into a giant heart-shaped pool in the middle of the reception.   And now this is seriously fucking up wedding plans around the country because everyone thinks they have to have a wedding just like that.   Now our daughters think they will need a $50,000 wedding.  Fuck that.


Moving on… I don’t really watch the RHOOC show, I just read tidbits or see the promos for the show.  So I did a little research online into the show and the characters.  So this is what else is bothering me about that Tamra’s wedding show… they show all these little snippets of her being nervous and wanting to be a princess and planning all these grand and glorious things, they even show a clip of her being giddy and proclaiming, “I can’t believe I’m getting married!”  My problem with this is… THIS IS HER THIRD MARRIAGE!

She’s already been married twice.  And all of a sudden in this season, her 4 kids have vanished.  In previous seasons it was all about her and her second husband and their three kids and her son from her first marriage.  Now all of a sudden she’s portrayed like a giddy childless girl being married for the first time.  What the fuck?  I guess you’re allowed to just wipe out your past and have a re-do on “reality” TV.  Hey, I think I’ll try that!   The housewives do it, my ex did it… see you guys later!

Ya’ know what, I have absolutely no problem if you wanna’ be married 3 times, 4 times, 8 times whatever.  Knock yourself out.  But I would think for your dignity’s sake you would make all the subsequent weddings low key.  I tend to think that if you are throwing a big blinged-out blow out of a wedding for a third marriage… you probably wanted another wedding more than another marriage.

I don’t know, am I wrong here?  Well, I suppose it’s different I guess if like you never had a real wedding the first time (like you just did City Hall or something) or maybe it’s the groom’s first wedding… I can see a big wedding.  I’ll allow it, ‘cuz ya’ know I’m the one with all the say-so.  *sarcasm*  But if both y’all been around the block 2, 3, 7 times… just go get a Justice of the Peace or boat captain and be done with it.  But then that wouldn’t make good “reality” TV, would it?


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Speculations in food, beer, and strange fiction.


Carefully crafted recipes by someone who has decades of experience eating food.

Pouring My Art Out

Ripping out my guts for your entertainment

Beyond The Edge

A fine site

Seth Adam Smith

Light in the Wilderness

Ostara gets a divorce

Musings about divorcing a diagnosed psychopath and the perils of surviving the court system

The Periphrastic Mind Of A Liberal Arts Major

Your Family Should Have a Show

I heard from too many people "Your family should have it's own show!" Since that wasn't going to happen, I created this blog.

The Office Inbetweener


Friendly Dish

Suffering from an addiction to the ridiculous real housewives? You've come to the right place

29 going on slut

Good girl goes rogue


Illegal in 38 states--frowned upon in the rest.

The Mightier Pen's Blog

SEO, Web Content & Article Marketing Advice


Brain Abundance News


"Your Insight Into Social Media, News and Marketing"