Been to hell and back, I’ll tell you how I survived with humor. I’m loud, short, curvy, and have red hair. I’m where inspirational insight meets humor and sometimes naughty words.

I’m Margaret, also known as “Madge” Madigan.

I have been a freelance writer for several years.  I studied Broadcast Production at the University.  Following college I worked in radio and TV for ten years,  as a byproduct I discovered my passion for marketing and writing.   One of my favorite jobs when I started my marketing/writing career after radio was  being a Marketing Director for a real estate company where I wrote all the content for print ads and property brochures.  It’s amazing how many ways you can come up with a nice way of saying a home has crappy shag carpet and smells of a past grease fire.  But that’s where my creative expertise came in and saved the day and launched my writing career! 

After 20 years of marketing, mothering and writing, I decided to blogging and subsequently writing books. I have authored two books –  “When Life Gives You Lemons… at Least You Won’t Get Scurvy” various stories of me making the best of the crap life has given me after divorce. And the second book is “Snap Out of It!” a collection of columns from Rochester Woman Magazine.

Personally, I am a divorced mother of 3 mostly adult children (teens & 20’s), living in Rochester, NY.  I raised my kids mostly all by myself and through poverty and crap, got them all into college and they became kind, funny, productive humans. I enjoy dive bars, fine dining, alternative music (Joy Division rules!), writing (duh), and being a Mom.

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11 thoughts on “About Madge”

  1. Lawrence Grodecki

    Congratulations . . . you are the first person I’ve “stumbled upon”! Boy, a person could be really nasty – or mischievous – with their choices of categories. Not to worry . . . I tagged you under books.

    I was tempted to use that tag, “cross dressing”, but that’s only because of something about a cross between Erma and Kathy . . . by the way, who is Kathy Griffin? Yeah, I’ve heard the name, but who the hell is she? 🙂

    • Madge Madigan Post Author

      Well thank you! Kathy Griffin is a redheaded comedian who is very snarky, tells a lot of celebrity gossip and has a filthy mouth. Oh and she’s very popular with gay men Only difference,I don’t tell celebrity gossip. lol She had a show on Bravo “My Life on the D List” Thanks for reading!

  2. Neil Thompson

    I was trying to find where to e-mail you but couldn’t find it in five seconds so I’ll just leave my message here. You left a review of my book “Wasted” on Amazon and said a nasty thing or two. It was actually things I was already thinking but was too lazy to go back and fix but you inspired me to bother. I did a pretty good rework of the whole thing and also got rid of every instance of the corny catch phrase. I just wanted to say thank you.

    • Madge Madigan Post Author

      Thanks Neil. And I’m sorry you felt I was being nasty, I was not, just being honest and a little sarcastic. Sorry I guess maybe I shouldn’t have put in the part about stabbing my eye. I said you were a good writer but it just needed some tweaking. I shall go back and re-read. See sometimes being a little snarky gets people motivated, I know it has done wonders in my writing. After a guy told me he wanted to wipe his ass with my book, I went back in and cleaned up some rambling writing. lol P.S. I put my email on the front page, so feel free to contact me any time.

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